3 Painting DOs from a Newbie, or When Painting a Room the First Time Goes Horribly Wrong


3 Painting DOs from a Newbie || Jade and Fern

Oh look, another painting post!

3 Painting DOs from a Newbie Painter

DO double-check before you leave the paint store that both gallons of wall paint match each other, and match the sample can you initially bought. That way if the paint store, say—purely hypothetically, of course—mixes the paint incorrectly, you will notice BEFORE you paint the whole living room and half of the bedroom.

DO factor the cost of lots and lots of take-out meals into your painting budget. Because when it’s 90º out and you can’t put the AC in because you’re not done painting the windowsills and you’re applying the first topcoat for the second time, you’re not gonna wanna cook. Trust me.

DO put out a “swear jar” for the duration of your painting project. Then you’ll be prepared when it turns out your trim paint was also mixed wrong and you have to repaint half of the trim. You’ll toss nickels in that thing so fast, you’ll be able to buy more paint in no time!

Because, you know, after all the painting and repainting is (finally, someday) done, the first thing you’ll want to do is MORE PAINTING.

Do I sound grumpy? I’m not grumpy.


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10 comments on “3 Painting DOs from a Newbie, or When Painting a Room the First Time Goes Horribly Wrong”

  1. I’m not Grumpy, either. I’m Sneezy…especially around wet paint. Good luck!! There’s a lovely bright white light at the end of your tunnel. 🙂

  2. Ugh! That’s the worst! Painting (in theory) is such an easy way to change an entire room, if you can put up with the headache! Silver lining, I bet you are getting way better at it!

  3. Oh no!!!!!!!! I hope you are through all the painting woes now. I have had wallpaper at my house for months now that I’ve avoided putting up for a lot of these reasons. Ay yi yi!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

    1. Wallpaper, that’s ambitious! Best of luck there. I AM finally done with the painting woes! Just finishing up the fireplace and that’s it! Also, I have never heard your voice, but my “imaginary version” of your voice will now forever be tied to that “Ay yi yi!” 🙂

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