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6 DIYs for Crazy Cat People + Meals for Homeless Cats!

This post is sponsored by Purina Cat Chow, but all words/ideas/opinions are entirely my own!

I was a crazy cat person before it was cool. ::smugly pushes cat-eye glasses up onto face::

So when Purina Cat Chow asked me to partner with them to promote their Nutrition to Build Better Lives campaign and blab about my own kitties on the blog…well, I was obviously all about that.

And for the catnip flavored icing on the tuna cake, Purina Cat Chow is donating meals to shelter cats in need! You can help and it’s really easy — find out how below.

But first, 6 DIYs for crazy cat people to guarantee that your kitty has the most crazy stylish human home on the block.

Crazy cat people unite! Check out these DIY cat projects that will make your feline friends purrfectly happy.


+++ Almost Makes Perfect’s modern pet bowl stand is fit for cat royalty. All 600 million of them.

+++ This color-blocked cat scratch post by A Beautiful Mess is almost too pretty to scratch. Almost.

+++ Make your cats a cat tree using real branches and they will love you like they love waking you up at 2am. Swatting your face for nocturnal play is a sign of  affection, trust me. By Brittany Goldwyn has the full tutorial.

+++ For the boho-chic cat who has everything, this no-sew cat tipi on Boat People Boutique’s blog will have the neighborhood cats glaring with jealousy. I might have to make a human-sized one of these too.

+++ If you and your cat prefer simpler DIYs, try Sílfide’s easy IKEA hack. No instructions, put it’s pretty clear: screw a basket to the wall, add a blanket, and watch your cat abandon your lap for a new haven.

+++ And because really ALL cat accessories should also be cat-shaped, See Kate Sew has a free cat bed sewing pattern. Purrfect.

Ok, crazy cat people, now that we know how to get crafty for our cats, let’s talk about how you can help feed homeless kitties while they wait for their forever homes!

I’m so proud to help Purina Cat Chow spread the word on this campaign. During the month of July, for each bag of Purina Cat Chow you buy, a meal will be donated to a shelter cat.

For every bag of Purina Cat Chow you purchase, a meal will be donated to a shelter cat!

All you have to do is buy a bag of Purina Cat Chow in any formula.

Every year, over 3 million cats in the US are taken in at shelters, and only half of them are adopted. The expense to feed all those kitties is enormous, so let’s help in any way we can!

Don’t have a cat? You can donate the whole bag to a local animal shelter and help even more cats!

This campaign has special meaning to me because all three of our cats are rescues.

Well, Champ technically came from my husband’s brother’s roommates, but that was kind of a rescue situation too as he was living with a cat bully who kept torturing the poor chubby guy.

For every bag of Purina Cat Chow you purchase, a meal will be donated to a shelter cat!

Look at that pudgy Champ belly! (Believe it or not, he’s lost two pounds in the years that we’ve had him!). And yes, Champ has a look-a-like pillow. I told you we were crazy cat people.

We found Wally at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. He was the most loveable, personable, dog-like cat you can imagine. His favorite hobby was waking us by grooming our hair!

For every bag of Purina Cat Chow you purchase, a meal will be donated to a shelter cat!

I say “was” because sadly Wally couldn’t stay with us. It turns out he really wanted to be an only cat. After trying everything we could to help him feel calmer and less aggressive towards the other two kitties, we finally found him a new home with a wonderful family in Maine. He is now the king of his domain, with a family of five to smother him with affection. Sometimes being a good crazy cat person means knowing when to let go. We miss you, Wally!

And finally we have Jax, a stray found by Black Cat Rescue. He is a challenge to photograph because he is full of energy and always bounding around, but I think this pose is very flattering, don’t you?

For every bag of Purina Cat Chow you purchase, a meal will be donated to a shelter cat!

Those are my cats and this is my cause! Let’s help reach Purina’s goal of donating 5 million meals to homeless cats!

Remember, all you have to do is buy a bag of Purina Cat Chow during the month of July. Just by feeding your cat, you can feed shelter kitties!

I’d love to hear about your kitty companions, and other pets too! What’s the craziest crazy cat person thing you’ve ever done?

Share your cat story and show your support for Nutrition to Build Better Lives by tagging #catchowcares on Instagram!

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This post is sponsored by Purina Cat Chow, but my words and opinions are truly my own, pinky promise. I only support brands and campaigns that I love and think you will too. And I really WAS a crazy cat person before it was cool. ::smugly pushes cat-eye glasses up onto face again::

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  • Carrie Waller

    “::smugly pushes cat-eye glasses up onto face::” Totally laughed out loud when I read that!! You are adorable, and so are your sweet kitties! Thanks for joining in with us for such a fab virtual party :) xo

    • Haha, I’m glad I could make you laugh! ;) Your kitty is adorable too! This was a such a great campaign, I’m so glad you got me involved! xoxo

      • Carrie Waller

        BTW: Laughing in the BEST way, of course!! And thanks, doll :) xo

  • I LOVE the color blocked scratching post — how have I not seen that before?

  • Jess Smith

    OMG that pic of JAX! Haha!! I wish we could get our babes together for a play date, I think they would really get along. Great post!! xo

  • Kelly Beall

    My boy cat LOVES to groom and attempt to eat my hair – I love crazy cat behaviors! Your boys are so handsome. :)

  • Your cats are adorable! I love that pudgy belly :D

  • I love this post so much – I have two cats and they’re basically my children, lol. That tree-branch cat tower is amazing!! I definitely need to put that together for my fierce jungle cats…. <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  • These DIY projects are so cute! It makes me wish I had a cat!