A Craft Table of Her Own


I like to make things. But making things takes space. Space where I can leave shit lie around for a few days while I get busy with real life or procrastinate said making. Space which does not interfere with other important functions of my apartment, like housing Alan’s bar cart and fancy tv or our books or the litter boxes.

And as in most cities, space in Somerville/Boston is expensive. Which means if I want a dedicated space to make things, I have to, err, make it.

So I did!

Well, almost. DIY takes time, you know.

You may remember my fabulously ambitious plan for a drop-leaf craft table which does double duty as a bookshelf. After much research and more trips to the hardware store than I care to recall, I found some amazing pieces of hardware and updated my plan:

Bookshelf Craft Table Sketch || Jade and Fern

I can’t draw straight lines. Deal with it.

The bookshelf portion, known in covert DIY circles as Phase 1, is complete. And I love it.

DIY Industrial Bookshelf || Jade and Fern

DIY Industrial Bookshelf || Jade and Fern

Bask in the industrial plumbing pipe glory!

Now all that’s left is for me to get that crafty (pun absolutely intended) leaf assembled. Based on my current DIY speed and the abysmal painting/working weather we’ve been having, it should only take me a few weeks. So, umm, stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath.


It’s been over a year (yikes) since I made this bookshelf, and I’ve decided to “shelve” the project. It was perhaps a little TOO fabulously ambitious. I’m a little embarrassed to give up in public, as it were, but there’s no shame in knowing one’s limits, right? RIGHT?

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