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Back with a Tiny Bang – DIY Fresh Flower Letter Sorter


Oh hey there! I’m back from Germany!

My month of family and pretzels in the old motherland was fantastic, but I’m SO excited to be back. I missed blogging and making and peanut butter and the cats and Alan. Plus suitcase-wrinkled clothes get really old after four weeks.

Before sharing more about the trip—prepare to be subjected to a lot of pictures—I wanted to dive back in with a mini project. Which is less of a project and more of a 5-minute-decorating-idea. I have been ITCHING to get my hands crafting again, but I’m knee-deep in partially unpacked stuff and still on German time. So mini faux-project it is.

DIY Fresh Flower Letter Sorter || Jade and Fern

Spring in New England lasts about 10 minutes, so we really only get two good weeks of flowers before the heat and humidity ignite them (along with me). I’ve arrived in time for the second, which means I’ve been scurrying around the neighborhood with a pair of scissors, snipping little buds off of flowering trees. Only the ones on public sidewalks, I’m not that cheeky.

This DIY fresh flower letter sorter is my attempt to bring some blooms in to our mostly vase-less apartment, and it totally cheers up my “office.” (Incidentally, the corner of our bedroom that serves as our office looks nothing like the dreamy white space above. Ugh.)

DIY Fresh Flower Letter Sorter || Jade and Fern

Holy pink overload, this turned out crazy feminine. You can tone it down with different colors if that isn’t your thing. I’m kind of digging it for now, though, and fresh flowers are temporary after all!

DIY Fresh Flower Letter Sorter || Jade and Fern

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here, so I’m not gonna break it down for you. Just grab a desk accessory and a handful of flowers and have at it! You can weave the flower stems in, or stick them on with washi tape.

I think this would be a sweet surprise for a work-at-home mom on Mother’s Day, don’t you?

DIY Fresh Flower Letter Sorter || Jade and Fern

DIY Fresh Flower Letter Sorter || Jade and Fern

Also, I now desperately want to cover the entire apartment in washi-taped flowers. Like really badly. Look at this photoshoot prop fabulousness:

DIY Fresh Flower Letter Sorter || Jade and Fern

That’s all from me until jet lag subsides. But I’ve got a number of projects in the works! And—this is the year that apartment painting will happen. There, I’ve said it online, now it’s true.

Now I’d love to hear from you, dear blog friends! How were your respective Aprils? Any spring/summer DIY plans? Have you been grabbing up flowers too?

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  1. So so so cute! I’m not usually a pink person, but this I dig. And of course the gold organizer <3 Have to agree with Rachel that you styled this project *perfectly*
    So happy you're up and posting again!! Can't wait for all the projects you have planned 🙂

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