Crazy Cat People


So on Saturday I went out to get cat litter…and came home with a cat.

little more thought went into it than that, but long story short, we are officially CRAZY CAT PEOPLE who adopt strays on a whim. The lesson here is if you’re ever “just looking” at shelter or store pets, DO NOT let them put an animal in your arms. Once you have held one, it’s coming home with you, there’s just no resisting at that point.

Readers, meet Jax, our cat number 3:

Jax || Jade and Fern

How could we have said no to this little guy! Now you see why I’ve been absent from the bloggy for a few days. Cute new cat definitely trumps blog obligations blogligations.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll notice that Jax looks like a miniature Wally:

Jax and Wally || Jade and Fern

We’re convinced they’re half brothers.

The kitties are still separated at this point—you can’t rush cat introductions—but all whiskers are pointing towards good relations.

And just to make this post a little more practical, here’s a roundup of gifts for crazy cat people and their cats:

Gifts for Crazy Cat People || via Jade and Fern

Pei Pod kitty bed || Clouds cat shelves || Katchit litter box || Dipper bowls

Mid-century cat lounger || Seersucker collar

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  1. !!! Jax looks like such a sweetheart! I always visit the cats they have at the pet store and always want to bring them home. Every single time I have to remind myself that I already have two and they are already enough of a handful!

    Also, if I could get Buddy and/or Hank to wear that cat collar I would just die. I dream of them wearing bandanas. Sigh. I’m a nerd.

    Ladyface Blog

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