DIY Dipped Flower Pots for the Procrastinating Gifter


If you’re anything like me, you often wait until the last-minute to think about gifts. You have good intentions, and you don’t live under a rock so you’ve seen the ads and the grocery store displays and the town crier going around shouting “Mother’s Day is coming! Mother’s Day is coming!” And you keep telling yourself you have time, until suddenly—Mother’s Day. Is. TOMORROW.


Never fear, fellow procrastinating crafters, I have just the thing for you: dipped flower pots. Trendy, chic, and SO EASY.

Gold Dipped Flower Pot | Jade and Fern

We’ve got less than a day now, but we’re gonna make this happen. Ready, set, go!

What you need:

  • terra-cotta flower-pot and saucer (and a pretty plant to go inside)
  • painter’s tape
  • craft brushes
  • acrylic paint (I used gold because, well, GOLD)
  • don’t forget to grab a card!

DIY Dipped Flower Pot | Jade and Fern

What you do:

Tape off the pot at an angle of your choice. Press the tape down very firmly to avoid bleeding. I taped mine at a pretty steep angle on both sides, but a web search for “paint dipped pot” will show you a million other examples if the steep angle isn’t your thing. Once taped, start painting.

DIY Dipped Flower Pot | Jade and Fern The paint I was using—DecoArt Dazzling Metallics in Splendid Gold—dried really fast, so I was able to apply a second coat just minutes after the first. Below you can see that the first coat looked very uneven, but the paint smoothed out quite nicely after the second.

DIY Dipped Flower Pot | Jade and Fern

After applying the second coat, peel off the tape, allow it to dry completely, and add your plant. Gorgeous!

DIY Dipped Flower Pot | Jade and Fern

DIY Dipped Flower Pot | Jade and Fern

Your mom/grandma/aunt/friend who’s a mom will never know you whipped it up in 30 minutes. Unless she’s reading this blog. In which case, my bad.

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