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DIY Painted Chopsticks


Chopsticks make food more special. That is my professional foodie opinion.

DIY painted chopsticks increase food specialness by 136%. I’m just shooting out nonsense exaggerations, but still. Paint + chopsticks = super special.

DIY Painted Chopsticks || Jade and Fern

Also, DIY + easy = yay! Basically what I’m saying is, this project is a recipe for awesome.

DIY Painted Chopsticks

Skill Level: so so Easy

Time: 1 active, 2-3 hours total for drying time

What You Need:

What You Do:

This couldn’t be easier. Lightly sand the area of the chopsticks that you plan to paint and wipe away the dust. Tape off the chopsticks and paint. You’ll most likely need several coats. When completely dry, seal with clear spray paint or brush-on acrylic, your choice.

DIY Painted Chopsticks || Jade and Fern

Tip: stick your chopsticks into a thick piece of styrofoam—that way you can paint all the sides at once.

That’s it! Just remember to hand-wash these babies and be gentle with the painted part.

I didn’t photograph the whole process because I am a lazy-ass blogger because it’s so easy y’all don’t need step-by-step pictures. But if you have any questions, ask away.

DIY Painted Chopsticks || Jade and Fern

Look how freakin’ delicious that inari looks with polka-dot chopsticks! I am using them for every meal from now on, guys.

DIY Painted Chopsticks || Jade and Fern

DIY Painted Chopsticks || Jade and Fern

What do you think of my first attempt at painting utensils? Do you like eating with chopsticks? Or do you have any wooden utensils you want to paint?

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