Holiday Gift Guide: For the Creatives


This is the year, friends. The year that I get all my holiday gift shopping done AHEAD OF TIME. No fast-walking through the mall on December 24th trying to find something passable along with every other poor planner in Boston. Who’s with me??

This is also the year I’m especially excited to shop for the creatives in my life. With The Holiday Collective, plus my artsy in-real-life friends, I’ve got a bunch! Here’s a few gift ideas for creatives to help you find the perfect gift for yours, too.

Gift Guide for Creatives @idlehandsawake

one: An epic planner.

Creatives are sometimes really organized. And sometimes, not so much. The Visionary Journal is not only a planner, but a vision manager that helps you stay focused on your goals and implement the steps to make them happen. Perfect for that creative with big dreams and scattered to-do lists.

two: Fancy scissors.

Yes, really. Fancy scissors are a must for every creative. Just trust me. I personally own this pair by Nate Berkus and they are not only super fancy, are also damn good. They can cut fabric. If you have ever used crappy scissors you know that is a win.

three: A creative class (or two!).

If there’s one thing that creatives all share, it’s a desire—nay, a NEED—to keep trying new things. Printmaking. Sculpture. Watercolor. Learn all the things! A creative class is the answer. I’ve heard great things about Creativebug (pictured here is an example from the Beginning Watercolor course). I’d also recommend Skillshare, or the Photo Styling 101 course from my friend Rachel of The Crafted Life!

four: A blank notebook and nice pens.

Just as important as a planner for organized thoughts is a blank notebook* for brain dumping/doodling/daydreaming. And of course pretty pretty pens.*

five: An Instax camera.

Kinda specific, I know, but toying around with an Instax camera* is SO good for practicing creativity. Think of it as another sketchbook. Plus you end up with lots of pretty pictures that actually exist in the real world! So old school.

six: An inspirational art print.

There are many, many inspirational art prints out there, but this lovely sentiment by MJ of Pars Caeli really speaks to me.

seven: An eye mask.

What? Hear me out: creatives work really hard. They need sleep. And exercise, relaxation, etc. Feel free to sub a yoga mat, Fitbit,* a soothing tea blend, or whatever else to keep your creative sound in body.


Alright, who’s the hardest person on your list to shop for? Mine is definitely my dad: the man builds fully submersible radio-controlled model submarines from scratch, and he buys himself whatever he wants. Always a puzzler.

*Affiliate links. This means if you purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra charge to you, which is pretty sweet because it helps me pay blogging bills, so thank you! I will only link to products I have used or would use myself, pinky promise!

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