He Put a Ring on It


He Put a Ring on It

Well, not literally, we’re not doing rings. And I was actually the one who proposed.

But the point is…WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!


I’m so glad I can finally share this exciting news with you, bloggy friends! This was obviously the secret I mentioned last week, and what kept me away from the blog the week before. It was sooooo hard for me to keep it off the blog until we’d told all our people, but we’ve finally made the rounds and now this news is OUT! BOOM!

A. and I are so happy about it. We had talked about getting married before, but always in terms of “eventually,” “when we’re more financially established,” “someday,”…

But a week and a half ago, while playing a game of Diablo III and engrossed in a random conversation about what we do and don’t like about wedding ceremony traditions, it was suddenly right. So I asked. And he said yes!!!

I know, that is the least romantic proposal story ever. But it’s very us, so whatevs. Memories.

Here’s the really fun bit: we don’t want to wait until we can have a big fancy wedding. Getting married is about US, and now that we’ve said “yes,” we want to make it official because we’re crazy lovebirds. So we’re going to the courthouse IN NOVEMBER with just a few friends and family members and tying the knot quick and dirty. !!!!!

Which is not to say there won’t be fanfare. I’m still getting a dress and some flowers and fancy shoes. Annnd we will be doing a “real” ceremony and reception/party at some point next year. That means I get to plan TWO weddings. Something I’m totally excited about right now but will probably regret later on…

So what does this mean for Jade and Fern? Obviously, there will be some amount of wedding DIY-ing and blogging going on. But I promise to try not to let it take over, this is not a wedding blog!

Please remind me of that promise later when the “real” ceremony is happening and I’m losing my mind.

If you do want to see lots of wedding stuff, follow my now crazy active wedding board on Pinterest!

I’m not sure how to wrap this up because I’m so giddy that coherent sentences aren’t really happening, so instead I’ll just show you this outtake from the mini-shoot I did for this post: Jax the Cat

Happy Tuesday! And DON’T FORGET: today is the last day to enter to win a Loom & Mill pillow! You have until Midnight EST. Go go go!

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30 comments on “He Put a Ring on It”

  1. AHHHHHHHHHH How exciting!!!!! I had a huge smile on my face this entire post! And everything about it sounds wonderful and exactly what I could see me and mine doing if and whenever it happens! I can’t wait to see how you manage “two” weddings, cause it’s really what I want but have no idea how to get it done. Being un-traditional means there aren’t really guides to follow.
    Congratulations again!

    1. Aww, yay!! That’s good cause I did too. 🙂 I totally hear you on not having guides to follow! I’ve been polling friends and relatives to see if they think this or that is acceptable. And we also are a little bit making it up as we go. I have another friend to who expressed interest in wanting to do a similar wedding, so I will definitely keep the blog updated with our decisions, experiences, and “results”! I also have a pixie cut and wear glasses—there’s very few pictures of brides with one or the other, and NONE with both!

      Anyways, THANK YOU!

  2. AMAZING. I love that you asked him, that it happened during a very real moment, and that it’s going to be quick and dirty. I always daydream about going that route because it would just be SO much easier and less stressful and YES, keeps the focus on the US. But my mom would probably kill me.
    I’m so so so happy for you, Marlene!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Marlene! This is the best news EVER! I might have laughed out loud when I read “tying the knot quick and dirty” – hilarious! But you do what’s best for the both of you, it will be much more memorable and enjoyable that way 🙂 So so happy for you YAY!!!


  4. YAY!!! I was so excited for you when I saw your insta pic this morning and now I’m even more excited!! Best proposal story ever – I love how you’re keeping it real, and true to you. I don’t think a blog comment has ever had so many exclamation marks, but it’s totally warranted. Congrats again!!! xx

  5. Congrats! I love your story/non-story! It’s true to you and that’s what’s so good about it… I for one can’t wait to see wedding bits creeping into the blog. It’s been 5 years since mine and I’m more than ready to see more wedding things 🙂

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