Hello Friday – On Hurdles to Jump


Hello Friday - On Hurdles to Jump

Sometimes it seems like the universe just wants to screw with you.

Like, you order a piece of furniture online, and spend a lot oftime assembling it, only to find that the last part is broken and you have to take it all apart and ship it back.

Or, you finally sit down to call your health insurance, knowing it will take forever, and are on hold for 48 minutes, only to have the call dropped and then have to call back and start over.

Yeah, I’ve had one of those weeks. Throw in a migraine, the first real cold front of the season, and the never-ending 2016 election drama, and I am READY for this weekend.

Here’s some links that have kept me inspired (or at least sane):

+++ a puppy that just can’t get enough

+++ the most delicious-looking cocktail

+++ this photo which makes me want to go to there

+++ proof that I’m not the only one

+++ my fancy new watch that you can win here

+++ these pumpkin votives

+++ a classy crazy cat person DIY

+++ this bathroom which has me fantasizing about a long relaxing tub soak

What absurdity went wrong for you this week? Or went right? I won’t be jealous and bitter, promise.


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  1. Aw. I was finally getting over to read your post and just realized you shared my drink. Thanks girl. And here’s to hoping your weekend was better than last week!

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