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We’ve been really lucky winter-wise so far in Boston this year, but I am still so ready for spring I’m on the verge of painting the shrubs just to get some greenery back in my view. Here’s what’s been distracting me from cabin fever this week:

+ An adorable shelf makeover for an adorable record player.

+ This teen’s bedroom which I think should be my room.

+ Retro fridge magnets that take two seconds to make. (I see some 90s magnetic poetry revivals in my future).

+ A homemade remedy for winter cuticles. You New Englanders know what I’m talking about.

+ Quite possibly my favorite DIY ever. Those colors!

+ And finally, when you need a good laugh, and really, when do you not need a good laugh…this dancing bird.

P.S. California friends, pull out that sofabed because I’m moving in.

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