I’m Dreaming of a White Living Room


Lavender living room, your days are numbered. Paint has been purchased, helper-friends have been scheduled, ladders have been borrowed. You will be white.

Fingernails on a chalkboard—that’s how the lavender trim affects me every time I walk into that room. Is that an overreaction? Almost certainly. But what can I say, I’m a girl who (sometimes) knows what she wants, and it definitely ain’t lavender.

There’s still two and a half weeks to go before The Painting of The Room begins. So while I patch and sand and caulk and move furniture and drive Alan and the cats completely bonkers, here is some white living room inspiration to fawn over.

White Living Room Inspiration - photo by Jaclyn Campanaro

White Living Room Inspiration - photo by Dabito

White Living Room Inspiration - home of Sonja Rasula and Jonathan Sager

White Living Room Inspiration - home of Anne Bundgaard

White Living Room Inspiration - via Hanna's Room

one || two || three || four || five

Bonus pic: Hello Lidy’s beautiful white living room

Somebody should really invent a technology that allows me to reach through the computer screen and steal all those rugs and plants and artworks.

Which of these spaces is your favorite? How do you feel about white walls versus colorful walls (or trim)? Also, does anybody else out there want to come help me paint? I will bake you cookies, which I will hand to you through the screen.

Author: Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

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5 comments on “I’m Dreaming of a White Living Room”

  1. I LOVE white! We’ve had a white living room for a long time now and I don’t regret covering up the hideous yellow. Our next house will most likely have all white walls too, it’s just the perfect canvas for everything. I am kind of obsessed with the first space. Although, they are all pretty gorgeous 🙂 I would also like to snag some of those rugs, plants and art pieces please…wow. I would love to help you paint, if I was a wee bit closer!


    1. Aaahhh, I can’t believe I didn’t include YOUR living room, Lidy, it’s so beautiful and inspiring!

      I agree, it is such a great canvas to have a white room, especially for someone who loves colorful accessories and textures like me. And it’s much easier to change those things out than to repaint a room if you get tired of the colors on the walls. Thanks for stopping by, lady! xoxo

  2. LOVE white walls. At the heart of it all, the idea of choosing paint colors for different rooms already stresses me out, and I’m nowhere even near having to face those kinds of decisions anytime soon! I always like starting with a neutral base with most things anyway, and then playing with colorful (or maybe not colorful) accents. I’m definitely loving that first space the most, especially because it’s plant-tastic!

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