Lately: Flowers, Blog News, and Inspiration


Jade and Fern Happy Friday, friends!

It’s been a little irregular around here lately so I thought I’d give y’all an update on current life happenings and stuff. Because I know you are just riveted by my day-to-day. (Right?)

Flowers and such

Spring has finally sprung as they say and I have been soaking up every ounce of sun and breaking my Instagram feed with ALL THE FLOWER PICS. All of them. The end of Snowpocalypse has seen some relief in my migraines and fibro pain THANK THE GODS. And after years of trying to start a regular practice of yoga—I did it! Just a little simple yoga at home, four times a week, lots of breathing, and I’m slowly starting to see the effects (more energy, more calm). Do yoga, people, it’s miraculous. Jade and Fern

Blog News

“News” is a strong word. Possibly even the wrong word. But since I’ve been blogging waaaaayyyyyy less due to the just-recently-ended winter, starting to work part-time in January, and spending more time on my health, I just wanted to let you know…the blog will go on! Here’s some stuff on the horizon:

Mini Makes: DIY in 30 minutes or less. Periodic smaller projects. What do you think? I quietly launched this series this week because I know I’m not the only person who struggles to find time to make stuff. Yay or nay? Keep or nix? Too soon to say? Jade and Fern Mini Makes

Wedding stuff! I’ve been married for almost 6 months now. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I still haven’t posted any wedding stuff. This winter just destroyed me. Time to fix it. Stay tuned!

Collaborations. I’ve got big plans. And you know me and big plans. We’ll see what happens.

Frequency. Time is slowly turning into my friend again as I am learning to balance my work schedule + doctor’s appointments + fluctuating energy levels. No promises, but I am actively working on posting more regularly again! In the meantime, the best ways to keep up with the blog are to subscribe to email updates in the sidebar (you’ll only get an email when there’s a new post!), or follow me on Bloglovin’.

And I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you about next steps for Jade and Fern! I blog because I am a compulsive over-sharer because I want this to be a place of inspiration and community. So tell me your thoughts, friends! What DIY stuff do you want to see more of/less of/differently of around here?


And finally, what I’ve been ogling around the webs:

Springtime Lunch via Almost Makes Perfect New goal in life—get invited to a Molly, Molly, + Gideon party.

Two fabulous ways to makeover a simple rag rug.

A sweet post on small living and slow decorating. Plus pretty pictures.

Get thee in my belly.

NBD, only the best furniture makeover post I’ve ever seen.


What’s been keeping you inspired this week? How has spring been treating you? And is anyone else as disappointed in the new season of Game of Thrones as I am?

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    1. You are so welcome, I meant every word! And thank you about the sandals! I’m worried they’re not going to make it for the whole season, I should have gotten two pairs last year! (I always tell myself I’m going to do that with shoes and then never actually do…) xoxo

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