Make it Friday: DIY Travel Must-Haves

One of the downsides of writing a DIY blog is that I’m so busy creating my own projects, I rarely—let’s be honest, never—have time to make others. (I know, it’s a rather luxurious “problem” to have…)

Usually I just shrug off the sadness of seeing or sharing another beautiful tutorial that will stay Pinned and never made. But since being engrossed in planning my trip to Germany, it’s driving me nuts! Look at those luggage tags! I NEED them! And a tissue holder! I’ve always wanted one of those!

What can I say, I get a little excited about organization, especially when planning a trip.

Make it Friday: DIY Travel Must-Haves via Jade and Fern

Art Gallery Fabrics tissue holder || I Always Pick The Thimble travel journal

Lia Griffith makeup bag || Lovely Indeed luggage tags

Design Sponge tech organizer || Onelmon travel sewing kit

Organization-obsession confession: I’ve had my list of what to bring/buy/do before leaving for Germany on March 31st ready since January. Guess my years as a Girl Scout really stuck.

What’s the one accessory you can’t travel without?

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  • MJ Sellke

    Eye glasses repair kit! It is always in my purse and garnered MUCH attention during a very thorough search at the airport in Rome. It took a few minutes and some unique hand gestures to explain what it was. Oddly, there was nothing to cover this experience on the Berlitz phrase book. Go figure.

  • The tissue holder! And the makeup bag! Ah! There’s no time to make anything!! I feel you on that “problem” too.
    One accessory I can’t travel without is actually tissues. Nothing drives me crazy like not having anything to blow my nose into!

    • No time at all! And yes, tissues are a must for me too! I have slightly–shall we say, overactive–sinuses, so I can’t leave home without them!

  • A tissue holder? I always have a runny nose, so I need to make myself one of those! You’re insanely well organized! I always just pack the day before and hope for the best!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

    • Haha, it’s really only because I get so excited about big trips like this, and the only way to keep myself sane is by busying myself with organization! Though I’m very glad I did so, the last couple days have been very smooth as a result!

  • Hi Marlene, Thank you for publishing my travel journal. Obviously, a travel journal is the bring along accessory I can’t live without! :)