Make it Friday: Procrastination Nation


I’m procrastinating.

Not that this is really rare or anything, but today I’m procrastinating finishing up my living room projects so I can finally reveal the new look here on the bloggy.

Maybe, maybe, I got overly ambitious and am trying to do too many things.

Or maybe, maybe, I will get it all done.

You’re gonna get something regardless, it’s just the degree of awesome which will vary.

Until then, I’m admiring these projects by lovely makers who already got their shit done:

Make it Friday: Projects to admire while you procrastinate your own, via Jade and Fern

This paper petals wall hanging by Oh Happy Day is just spectacular.

The cutest (and easiest!) way to spruce up party lanterns: cover them with hearts, of course. By A Bubbly Life for PB Teen.

Obviously I gotta love anything that’s a hexagon or a coaster. These marbled clay coasters by Something Peach are just dreamy. (Time-out for shameless self-promotion: see my own hexagon coasters here!)

This pom-pom pillow from Living with Punks has been making the rounds on Pinterest this week and I am smitten. Look at those giant poms!

Touted as a Valentine, I think a floral ampersand collage would make a great gift for myself any time of year. By Design Sponge contributor Ashley Campbell.

Not exaggerating at all—The Crafted Life’s wooden “hello” sign is my favorite DIY project. Ever. Seriously, Rachel, you killed it times a thousand.

What inspirational projects have you seen this week? Any good weekend plans for making or just living?

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone for all the thoughtful, supportive comments on yesterday’s chronic pain post! It wasn’t easy to write, but I knew ahead of time that you guys would be awesome about it, because you guys ARE awesome.

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