Make It Friday: St. Patrick’s Day DIYs


Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Ok not really. But my boyfriend is. Don’t kiss him, though, I don’t like sharing.

Making out aside, it’s time to celebrate all things green and Irishy. Here are some cute DIYs to get you started. Yes, two of them are food—cooking is making, right?

Make it Friday: St. Patrick's Day DIYs via Jade and Fern

Hello Lidy triangle garland || Oh Ladycakes chocolate stout cupcakes

Oleander and Palm geometric shamrock || The Merrythought shamrock drink stirrers

The Veg Life colcannon cakes || Vitamini Handmade shamrock corsage

How many of you have Irish in your heritage? Ever been to the Emerald Isle? I’m changing planes in Dublin for my upcoming trip to Germany—sadly with too short a layover to explore.

P.S. Bonus DIY: Just before publishing I found these tiny leprechaun donuts by Hello, Wonderful. Too cute!

P.P.S. Don’t forget about my own St. Patty’s Day contribution in the form of these color block triangle earrings!

Author: Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

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6 comments on “Make It Friday: St. Patrick’s Day DIYs”

  1. Always love O+P’s geometric designs <3.
    No Irish in my heritage (surprised?) but I've always wanted to visit Ireland! Very cool you'll be traveling to Germany. Jealousy awaits you when you return.

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