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Oh heeeeyyyyyyy! It’s been AGES since we’ve seen each other here on the bloggy. And it’s suddenly May now, what.

So you veteran readers know that I collect chronic health conditions as a side hobby. Well unfortunately they ALL flared up at once in April. It was about as fun as getting three simultaneous root canals. But I made it and things are slowly getting back to normal and I am ready to re-immerse myself in all things crafts.

I hope you are too because I found some beautiful DIY ideas to inspire your weekend!

Make it Friday - DIY ideas to inspire your weekend

+++ Paint splattered things are here to stay and I am ok with that. | A Bubbly Life

+++ Speaking of trends, terrazzo tile has been sweeping through Blogland and this DIY terrazzo tile table might be my favorite take yet. | Heju (tutorial in French)

+++ A new-to-me oldie, this pretty storage bench was created from an IKEA LAX cabinet. | Atelier de Curiosite (also in French, apparently I’m into French DIY blogs this week)

+++ Because everything’s better in mini, DIY mini wall weaving using a clipboard, no loom required! | Gathering Beauty

+++ Letter storage that’s chic enough to display anywhere, plus it’s a mirror so you can catch your dismay as you sort through all those bills. | Fall for DIY

+++ You can never have enough pillows, especially when they’re adorable and round and leather and handmade. | Keenie DIY

In other news:

An illustrated look at the basic elements of design.

Give me all the sage green interiors.

More terrazzo! That outdoor staircase is just gorgeous.

A sugar scrub in cubes instead of jars.

Is having a gorgeous baby shower a good enough reason to have a kid? (JK, JK!)

What I’m making for dinner tonight.

DIYs for your next camping trip.


Ok, spill — how have you guys been? Is spring treating you well? Any trips or special projects coming up? Or are you in the sick camp too? (If so, internet hugs to you, my friend!)

Author: Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

Maker, baker, cat momma, total nerd, perpetually covered in glitter/sawdust/paint. Blogging DIY and design for modern creatives.

8 comments on “Make it Friday – Catching Up”

  1. Wow what an awesome Make It Friday! These DIY ideas are so amazing, thank you so much for including me — honestly means the world! Hope you’re feeling better too! Keenie xx

  2. Love this round-up. If only I had more time to try them all out. But might have to give that round leather cushion a go – how cute is that?
    So hope you are feeling better.

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