Make it Friday and Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


Bad habits are hard to kick.

In this case, the habit of starting all of my posts talking about time passage. Pretty sure some combination of the words “Where is this year going?!” is my most used phrase.

So I’m just going to say it ONE MORE TIME and then avoid mentioning time ever again (and by ever again I mean “a while”). WHERE THE FORK IS THIS YEAR GOING??

Thank you for humoring that incredulity once again. Moving on, I’m popping onto the blog today to share the first Make it Friday of 2018. Because the only way to survive this winter is by drowning in all the DIY ideas!

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+++ Getting organized in style is always a good idea. | Paper & Stitch

+++ A remedy for winter-chafed skin. | The Sweetest Digs

+++ You can’t go wrong when an IKEA hack meets mudcloth. | Alice & Lois

+++ Pretty hair accessories always make me wish I had longer hair. | The House that Lars Built

+++ Use this simple trick to turn any basket into a laundry hamper. | Ctrl Curate

+++ I’ll be spending the rest of the season under 5 of theseĀ arm knit blankets, thanks. | Place of my Taste


Those of you who follow me on Instagram know a big change I’ve been sitting on: I’ve moved! This means no more pretty floors, but plenty of new opportunities for designing a new space, whoohoo!

If you have good attention to detail, you’ll notice I said “I” and not “we”. The big news here is that my relationship status has changed to “it’s complicated.” I don’t want to talk about the details for the sake of my other half — let’s just say we both need some space to work on our personal crap. It’s weird and hard and scary, but also necessary and good.

AND now I get to blog all about how to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary when you live with roommates, so that’s a win!

Obviously I’m having a tumultuous start to the New Year — how about you? Is it gonna be a crazy year for you? I would say nothing can top 2017 but the world keeps proving that wrong…

P.S. Because I’m busy painting and arranging and shuffling and painting and acquiring furniture and painting, it’s going to be a little sparse on here for a while. But some talented delightful ladies have offered to guest post for you guys! Stay tuned! And be well. xoxo

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