Make It Friday: Embracing Emerald


DIY Emerald Projects Roundup || via Jade and Fern

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Back when I was a teenager, I was adamantly anti-trend. Well, except for seeingĀ Titanic a million times and fawning over N’Sync. Then I got all rebellious and avoided trends like a cat avoids water.

But now that I’m a mature, sophisticated, classy late-20s gal, I know that enjoying something trendy is not the equivalent of the devil stealing a piece of your soul. And I am drooling over this new emerald trend.

In case you haven’t been trolling Pinterest for hours a day and therefore missed it, Emerald is Pantone’s Color of the Year. This is great for me, as I already have a few pretty green glass containers in my bathroom. See how trendy I am now?

Happy weekend!

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