Make it Friday: Five Flower DIYs for Spring


If you’re a long-time reader, you know that this is the time of the year I start to get really grumpy.

It’s just that spring is so close, you see. Birds are singing, crocuses are poking their little green tips out of the ground, trees are forming buds. But I’m still swaddled in ten sweaters, a parka, and a blanket scarf, because we’re just not quite there.

As usual, I’m motivating myself to get through the month of March by fantasizing about just how many flowers I can surround myself with before it gets unmanageable. I’m thinking it’s a lot. Here’s five flower DIYs to see us through the last little bit of winter:

Five Flower DIYs for Spring

+ Lexy of the blog Proper styled her floral table runner for Thanksgiving, but I think it’s just gorgeous for spring too. Or any time of year for the particularly flower-obssessed.

+ Don’t Marjorie’s floral coasters on The Kipi Blog just make you want to have a fancy outdoor brunch?

+ Bouquets are boring. Ok, no, they’re really not, but this fresh flower letter sorter by yours truly is a fun alternative anyway.

+ Paper & Stitch really has a talent for flowers, and these upside-down arrangements are no exception.

+ Lilac is my absolute hands-down most favorite scent, so I am all over this lilac room spray from At the Picket Fence.

What helps you get through the final stretch until spring?

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