Make it Friday is Back!


Happy Make it Fridaaayyyyyy!

The first results of my reader survey are in and it turns out that a number of you missed this roundup series of the best DIY ideas. Well I am very happy to bring it back because I really liked it too. Part of the fun in craft blogging is being involved in a community of makers and seeing what projects everyone is coming up with.

I’ll share more insights from the survey next week. In the meantime, Enjoy!

Make it Friday // A collection of the best DIY ideas for your weekend. @idlehandsawake

+++ Entryways are on my mind right now as I’m up to my elbows in my makeover (so. close.) Love this take on hanging storage for the entry. | A Pair & a Spare

+++ Stamped fabric never stops looking stinking cute. | Alice & Lois

+++ Who doesn’t love a good IKEA hack? This furniture upgrade could be used all over the place too. | One O

+++ We need like eight of these draft stoppers in our apartment. | Jojotastic

+++ A new-to-me way to DIY your own Moroccan wedding blanket. | No Glitter No Glory (I just discovered this blog and I love Patricia’s dark style and photography, so different from from what’s super trendy right now).

+++ An inspired dresser makeover, and look at all that blush pink!!! | Hawthorne and Main

And in non-crafty news:

Sums up most of my weeks, really.

Guest room envy.

A brilliant entry on why it’s ok to not be good at everything, plus a very yummy looking spring soup.

Who knew there were so many flatware sets to love?

Terrariums are still trending and I am 1000% on board.

Do you care whether or not your clothes are flattering?


What have you got planned for this weekend?? I am still in the midst of re-learning why I hate painting. And probably drinking a lot of caffeine to cope.

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