Make It Friday: Timber!


Make It Friday: Tree Slice Tables || DIY Roundup via Jade and Fern

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Yesterday I off-handedly mentioned that I acquired some tree slices. Well don’t be fooled by the casual tone from that post; I am actually SUPER AMAZINGLY EXCITED. Like, OMG.

Ever since I passed a gorgeous, enormous tree slice sitting all alone and neglected in a nearby driveway, I’ve been fervently scheming to get one of my own. (I did attempt to snag that very one by leaving a note offering to buy it, but I’m assuming my over-use of exclamation points creeped them out).

If you’ve ever looked into buying your own bits of tree, or a finished tree table, you will know that they are stupidly expensive. This is one of those cases where the question, “Buy or DIY?” has a very clear answer. Finding the tree is really the hardest part!

How did I get so lucky with these babies?

Tree Slices || Jade and Fern

I literally called local tree removal companies until I found one that would allow me to come to a removal site. Because I am a crazy person whose tree slice obsession knows no bounds.

The crew was wonderful, and they refused to let me pay—all they wanted in exchange was coffee and bagels. The lesson here, kids, is to not let potentially awkward conversations stop you from making crazy requests.

My favorite bit about the whole scheme is that this tree was scheduled for removal anyways, so I am essentially recycling a few pieces of it. Now my only problem is that I’m working on too many things at once. So until I manage to finish my own tree tables, enjoy the pretty DIYs from this roundup.

Here’s to a weekend of woodworking!

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8 comments on “Make It Friday: Timber!”

  1. I am so jealous! I ran across that #4 table on the internet a little while ago and loved it. I hope the project works out! I might have to call some tree people myself…

  2. I just saw this amazing roundup! Sorry friend, but thank you so much for including my stump 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing your finished product when you’re all done!!!


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