Make It Friday: Time Flies


Is it just me or did this week whiz by faster than a DeLorean with a souped up flux capacitor?

2014 is off to a bitterly cold start here in the States, and my only reprieve for cold hands is keeping them busy. Here are some beautiful projects to help you fight the chill.


Persia Lou deer pillow || My White Idea gold earrings || A Beautiful Mess balsa candleholders

Say Yes to Hoboken mountain clock || Fabric Paper Glue ribbon twist-ties || Paper & Stitch secret message bouquet

What have you been doing to stay warm and/or busy?

Author: Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

DIY enthusiast, vegan, photographer, cat momma, lover of all things vintage. Blogging since March 2013 and loving it. I can make a very convincing duck sound and I bake a mean cupcake.

8 comments on “Make It Friday: Time Flies”

  1. I finally had a chance to listen to it! Great mix, my favorite suckers song is “A mind I knew.” Even though I heard it a thousand times on tour – I never got sick of it. True sign of an awesome song.


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