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DIY Wire Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers


OMG you guys it’s decorative gourd season!

Pumpkins have taken over and I don’t mind one bit. While I haven’t had my obligatory pumpkin spice latte yet, I did score some vegan pumpkin caramel ice cream (thank you, FoMu), so I still feel like I’m keeping up with what autumn has to offer.

Annnnnd, I’ve got a pumpkin-y craft for you today!

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may recognize these DIY wire pumpkin cupcake toppers from aaaaaages ago. They’re one of my projects that has really survived my rapidly-changing tastes — I still use them every fall. Since I blogged this craft long before I brushed up my photo skills and figured out that whole styling thing, I thought I could dust this post off and share it with you again today.

These DIY Wire Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers come together fast in just 4 steps with 2 materials, so you can get back to what's important: eating cupcakes.

What I love most about these wire pumpkins (besides the copper, obviously), is that they are just as perfect for Thanksgiving as they are for Halloween. And you can make a whole batch in just 15 minutes!

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75 Cozy Fall DIY Projects


We seem to be suffering from a succession of heat waves throughout the US, but the calendar SAYS it’s fall so I am ready to get cozy.

For me that means pumpkin flavored everything, oversized cuddly sweaters, steaming chai tea, and ALL THE CRAFTS. I’ve rounded up 75 cozy fall DIY projects to help you nest, organize, snuggle, pamper, toast, eat, decorate, gift, and hygge your way into the season.

I know it’s a crazy busy season leading up to the holidays, especially for you students and parents, but it’s so important to take time to savor what the season change has to offer, and to make room for creativity of course. Have at it and happy making!

Eat, drink, decorate, and hygge your way into the season with these 75 cozy fall DIY projects.

Rosemary soy candles — Bildschoenes (in German, use Google Translate!)

Knit planter cover — The Merrythought

Heirloom pumpkin fireplace — Sarah Tucker

Ikebana inspired centerpiece — Jojotastic

Herb and spice soaps — Hello Glow

Modern cross stitch napkins — Homemade Banana

Eucalyptus and bead wreath — Homey oh My

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On Fear and Happiness


I learned something about myself in the last few months — I am afraid of being happy.

I’ve known it for a while but I always thought it was just on a subconscious level. Like, “A part of me is scared to be happy.”

But it’s not just a little part that holds this fear, it’s all of me. Through and through. And it’s pissing me off. So I’m pulling back the curtain and saying it out loud today, because the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

I am afraid of being happy, and it is bullcrap. And if you are afraid of being happy, that is bullcrap too. (Hi, I know you’re out there, fellow people-who-hold-yourselves-back).

We have our reasons. Real ones! I could write pages and pages on how my trauma history conditioned me to fear good things. This post is already enough TMI though, so let’s look forward instead.

Guess what: what was learned can be unlearned. The Pavlovian theory works both ways. I’m going to teach my brain that happiness is safe. And deserved. And worthy.

So that’s where I’ve been since May, balled up in an anxious huddle on the couch, avoiding my blog because it makes me so friggin’ happy that it’s terrifying.

I can’t promise any immediate results as far as blogging is concerned. Consistency is too big a mountain, for now. But crafting and blogging about it makes me ferociously happy, and the only way out is through, so get ready for some DIYs!

Oh, and by the way, you can reteach your brain too. Take a deep breath, say it out loud, and take that first step.

Thanks for continuing to visit and read Idle Hands Awake in my absence, and for humoring these occasional blog-therapy moments. Connecting with this little community keeps me coming back for more. Here’s to our good mental health, chasing creativity, and learning to find joy.



Make it Friday – Catching Up


Oh heeeeyyyyyyy! It’s been AGES since we’ve seen each other here on the bloggy. And it’s suddenly May now, what.

So you veteran readers know that I collect chronic health conditions as a side hobby. Well unfortunately they ALL flared up at once in April. It was about as fun as getting three simultaneous root canals. But I made it and things are slowly getting back to normal and I am ready to re-immerse myself in all things crafts.

I hope you are too because I found some beautiful DIY ideas to inspire your weekend!

Make it Friday - DIY ideas to inspire your weekend

+++ Paint splattered things are here to stay and I am ok with that. | A Bubbly Life

+++ Speaking of trends, terrazzo tile has been sweeping through Blogland and this DIY terrazzo tile table might be my favorite take yet. | Heju (tutorial in French)

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