First Ever Reader Survey AND a Giveaway!


Idle Hands Awake Reader Survey - Enter to Win $50 to Amazon!

It’s my blog’s first ever reader survey! And it’s highly overdue, because I want to know what YOU like (or dislike!) about Idle Hands Awake.

I’ve been wanting to post a reader survey for soooooooo long and literally the only excuse I have is laziness. The blog has changed a lot since I started in 2013 (it used to be called “Jade and Fern!” THIS used to be my design! I thought this was acceptable photography!)

Blogging is so, so fun just for its own reward, but ultimately, I blog because of you readers. And I have no idea if my blog is interesting or helpful to you if I don’t ask you.

Well, better late than never, right?

Taking this short survey will help me create more content for you to find your most creative self, solve a DIY problem, or just browse for inspiration. Plus, you will gain my undying gratitude. PLUS, you get an entry to win a $50 gift card to!

Whether you take the survey or not, please know that I truly appreciate every. single. view/pin/click/like/share/comment/email/double-tap. You all put the warm, fuzzy fun in this very weird crafty sharefest that is “blogging.” You keep me inspired to make, learn, and grow. I hope I can do the same for you. Thank you.

***UPDATE: THANK YOU everyone for participating! I will continue to accept survey responses for a few days, but the giveaway is now CLOSED. Congrats to Caitlyn D. for winning the gift card! 

If you have trouble using the embedded form below, please click here to take the survey.

Get Creative

How To Be Creative — Even When You Think You’re Not


A good friend of mine recently told me how much she loved my DIY projects. Which of course was totally awesome to hear, until she said, “I could never be that creative!”

You guys, my eyes were opened. I have been failing my blog’s purpose. Because while all the DIYs I make are definitely fun and self-gratifying, the real reason I blog is because I want to inspire you to create.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: There’s nothing special about me. I’m not some sort of creative genius (definitely not!), who inherited the right genes or is intrinsically inspired. Before I started this blog in 2013, I was in a post-college, six-year creative rut. And before that, I was just a girl who liked art and sometimes tried to make some of her own.

Which means, if I can do it, you can do it.

So for my dear friend (you know who you are), and others out there who feel like you aren’t creative, I’ve come up with ten tips on how to be creative — even when you think you’re not.

How to be creative - even when you think you're not! These ten tips with insights from other creatives will help you shake off the myth that creativity is exclusive.

Practice, practice, practice.

Creativity is a muscle that you can train just like a sexy, rippling six-pack.

When I first started my blog, I worried I wouldn’t have enough project ideas to keep it going. Now I have two notebooks full! This isn’t an accident; it’s because I practiced. The more you exercise your creative brain, the stronger it will get.

Or, in the words of Maya Angelou:

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Read More

30 Minutes or Less / DIY

10 Creative Date Ideas (that aren’t dinner and a movie)


I’ve been trying to get me and the mister to do more for our date nights than just sit around and binge Westworld over and over. Which is totally fun, but you know, we’ve been together for NINE YEARS (whaaaat I’m old…). We need to keep things fresh at this stage in our relationship.

So I came up with this little date jar for More to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Date jars are nothing new, but I think you’ll love the 10 creative date ideas I stuffed in there.

10 Creative Date Ideas @idlehandsawake

I know, so cheesy right?? Whatever, it’s the season of Valentines, it was meant to be cheesy! Read More


Punny Body Scrub Printables for your Galentines


You guys. I’m obsessed with this blush color trend.

I can’t get enough. I have a blush scarf, sweater, tee, cosmetics bag, and lots of artwork, and I still want MORE.

So naturally, this latest printable had to be blush too. And since it’s meant to celebrate Galentine’s Day, I think it fits.

Punny Body Scrub Printables for your Galentines

Oh, and yes, there are puns on this printable. Bad bad puns that I put a LOT of thought into so just do me a favor and pretend they’re funny, ok?

Punny Body Scrub Printables for your Galentines

Do you ever find yourself laughing at your own jokes and then are really embarrassed because you know it’s not as funny out loud as it is in your head?

That is me right now.

Maybe your friends like bad puns too. In that case these punny body scrub printables for your Galentines are perfect for you.

Punny Body Scrub Printables for your Galentines

Punny Body Scrub Printables for your Galentines

All you need for this easy Galentine’s gift are empty jars,* body scrub, and my downloadable labels below. Read More


Favorite Free 2017 Calendar Printables


A calendar post in the later half of January??

Some of us take a little longer to get organized for the new year (and don’t pretend you’re not one of them because I can see right through you). So yes, a calendar post.

Or maybe you’re like me and like to keep collecting calendars because you are a little obsessed.

Either way I’ve rounded up my favorite free 2017 calendar printables for you, and they are sooooo pretty.

Favorite Free 2017 Calendar Printables @idlehandsawake

Which one is your favorite??

Brepurposed calendar — with two size options, and a display DIY idea

Fall for DIY calendar — two printing sizes again!

Sara Woodrow illustrated calendar

Delineate Your Dwelling hand-lettered calendar

Victoria Behun calligraphy calendar

Foreign Rooftops calendar

Enthralling Gumption floral calendar — with two color options