An exciting intro!


This is it! Jade and Fern’s first official post! Cue the angelic choir and drop the balloons!

Because it feels weird to jump right in to a tutorial, I’m going to just show you my cats instead.

This is Champ:

Champ the Cat || Jade and Fern

Champ enjoys sleeping in the sun and sleeping by the radiator.

And here is his younger brother from another mother, Wally:

Wally the Cat || Jade and Fern

Wally likes to sleep on the cat tree, the bed, the couch, all the chairs, and in any box that makes its way into the apartment. He also likes to investigate when I am making silly craft projects doing important blogging work, so you’ll be seeing him again, scurrying around in the background of my photo tutorials.

Stay tuned, actual crafting to come!