Put A Caster On It


I fell in love in Vermont. Twice.

The first time was when I met my man, Alan, in 2008. (Technically we met in Boston, but I think we really fell in love in Vermont, so there.)

The second time was during our recent mini vacation, and it was with this amazing amazing vintage military trunk:

Vintage Trunk Love || Jade and Fern

Be still my heart! When I spotted this shiny beauty in a vintage shop we visited in Brattleboro, I began hopping around and calling Alan over to look at it. Which was a moot point for him, because like a truly crazed vintage hoarder collector, I talked myself into it within a matter of seconds and bought it. Score!

Look at all these glorious details:

Vintage Trunk Love || Jade and Fern

So. Shiny!

There’s only one thing that could improve such a stunner, and that is casters. Is anyone else obsessed with them too? I want to put casters on EVERYTHING! Whenever I’m moving a piece of furniture (which happens more than you might expect), I curse the gods for not having installed casters on it first.

Although I was a little nervous about drilling into this immaculate trunk, I took the plunge and installed a set of metal casters. Totally worth it:

Vintage Trunk Love || Jade and Fern


They almost look original to the piece, and now my trunk is just a little taller and a lot more mobile. And I LOVES it.

Adding the casters was super easy (though stupidly I didn’t photograph the process). I just flipped the trunk upside down, marked where the casters and the screw holes should go, drilled all the way through each hole, and attached each caster with machine screws and nuts. Here you can see the screws inside the trunk:

Vintage Trunk Love || Jade and Fern

…And the nuts securing the casters in place on the outside:

Vintage Trunk Love || Jade and Fern

As an added bonus, I can now sit on top of my trunk and wheel myself gleefully around the apartment. Way fancier than doing so on an office chair.

What do you guys think? Are you caster crazy too?

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