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Last December, a good friend and I went window shopping for lack of anywhere to sit in the local coffee shop, and ended up in a small boutique sniffing a scented candle for literally 20 minutes. We then both secretly went back and bought it for each other for Christmas, which made for a pretty entertaining gift exchange.

I tell you this because people LOVE scents. Ok not every people, but I do, and my friend Amanda does, and maybe you do too. So here’s some pretty, modern, simple scented DIYs you can make for your bestie/work wife/mom/each other.

And oh look, they’re all gorgeous too!

Grab some flower petals and essential oils, we're making scented DIYs today!

+++ coconut lavender sugar scrub by A Bubbly Life

+++ room sprays with printable labels by Homey oh My

+++ margarita body scrub by The Sweetest Occasion

+++ mini spa kit by Almost Makes Perfect

+++ natural cleaning spray by The Merrythought

+++ scented candles by Fall For DIY

I do make my own general purpose cleaner out of vinegar and water, but that’s as far as I’ve ever gone towards making any of these things. What about you?

Alan and I are off to Vermont this weekend for our (very) belated honeymoon and I can’t wait to show you pictures of the cute lodge we’re staying at. And we’re going horseback riding! What’s in store for you this weekend?

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