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  • 100 Modern DIY Gift Ideas @idlehandsawake
    DIY Inspiration

    100 Modern DIY Gift Ideas

    You guys, it’s December tomorrow and it’s freaking me out. Doesn’t this happen every year? Once Halloween is over, it’s wham bam thank you ma’am and suddenly we’re in the post-New-Year’s…

  • Grab some flower petals and essential oils, we're making scented DIYs today!

    Scented DIYs to Try

      Last December, a good friend and I went window shopping for lack of anywhere to sit in the local coffee shop, and ended up in a small boutique sniffing a…

  • DIY

    Easy DIY Watercolor Plates

    Oh hey, remember me? I used to write posts for this blog? I promise I still do! But today I’m sending you over to Shrimp Salad Circus for my contributor post…

  • DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Idle Hands Awake

    DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame

    I need to make things with my hands every day. It’s not an anxiety-induced, “what do I do with my hands” thing. It’s an “as surely as I need to breathe”…