Thank You and Goodnight


Jade and Fern

I’m off to everybody’s favorite Swedish import today…but before I go, I realized I was so busy being anxious last week that I never took time to say “thank you.”

THANK YOU, you dear kind readers you, for all your wonderful comments, likes, and pins, regarding both my engagement and my living room reveal! You are so sweet and supportive and make blogging a real treat. I am truly lucky to have you guys fueling this little creative venture, and I can’t fully express through this medium how much it means to me. I heart you!!!

Now for some fun stuff that caught my eye this week:

+ This cat costume cracks me up.

+ I need to plaster this rope light message all over my house.

+ The colors and shape of Hello Lidy’s latest yarn art are sooooo good.

+ I want to go to there.

+ A. and I have decided not to do wedding rings because they’re just not representative of us; but if we DID do them, you can bet I’d make this sweet little salt cellar ring box for The Big Day.

What’s inspired you this week? Have a happy weekend, lovelies!

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