The Easiest DIY Jar Labels in the History of Jar Labeling

No, this is not an exaggeration. These really are the easiest DIY jar labels in the history of jar labeling.

Because it’s not so much a “DIY,” or even a “label.”

It’s writing on glass with a chalk paint pen.

The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and Fern


Ok, I admit to being a tiny bit ashamed at posting something so utterly simplistic and hardly original.

But only a tiny bit, because it’s spring and I want to organize ALL THE THINGS.

The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernThe Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and Fern

Starting with my spice jars, which hitherto have been a cluttered dysfunctional mess:

Spice storage before - Jade and FernThe reality of a kitchen with no cabinets: keeping jars of spices in CD boxes. Not ok. Please don’t judge me, it was the best system I could come up with at the time.

The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernAh, so much better! And legible! And easy to maintain! No fussing with stickers or printers or tape. The chalk paint wipes right off with a damp rag, so it’s a cinch to re-label jars as their contents change, but your fingers won’t smudge the writing when you grab them.

Plus, you can doodle them up and make your “labels” as fancy as you want. As you can see I opted for the 4th-grade boy handwriting chic and minimalistic look.

Are you ready for the DIY photos and steps? Here we go:

DIY Easy Jar Labels

Step One – Grab a chalk paint pen and write on your jar.The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernThat’s it.

You’re done.

More time to go organize other things.The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernThe Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernWho else has the spring cleaning/organizing fevers?

Oh, and no, sorry, you do not get to see my newly labeled jars “in action” in their equally new hanging Ikea spice rack. There’s only so many shots of my outrageously blue and yellow kitchen I can share before I hide under the covers in shame.

On an unrelated note, anybody up for helping me paint?

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  • Don’t feel silly about posting this! It’s actually a really cute idea and it is very simple but I hadn’t thought of it so thanks :)

  • I love how simple this idea is. One of those ‘why didn’t I think of this?’ moments!