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Warm Minimal Entryway Inspiration

Warm Minimal Entryway Inspiration - Coco Lapine Design

Coco Lapine Design

A couple years ago I noticed that I was gravitating towards more clean, streamlined interiors on Pinterest and convinced myself that I was becoming a minimalist.

But minimalist spaces definitely do not look like this:

It’s 2017 and we’ve lived in this apartment for over six years. Time for a makeover!

My husband, landlords, and IKEA are helping me overhaul this mess and I couldn’t be more pumped. And yes, it will involve a good coat of non-army-green paint. And some purging. And possibly some cocktails, purely for motivational purposes of course.

I’ve been scouring design blogs for warm minimal entryway inspiration, and while I don’t think we’ll be able to pare down quite to this level of simplicity, this is the direction I’ll be going in for the makeover: white, bright, organized, dreamy.

Photo Credit: Amber Ulmer


Warm Minimal Entryway Inspiration - Decor Dots


Warm Minimal Entryway Inspiration - My Unfinished Home

My Unfinished Home

Warm Minimal Entryway Inspiration - Almost Makes Perfect

Almost Makes Perfect

Warm Minimal Entryway Inspiration - Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Warm Minimal Entryway Inspiration - Elisabeth Heier

Elisabeth Heier

Where do you fall on the organizationย spectrum? Are you a minimalist, or a maximalist?

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  • Amy

    Oooooh this is exciting! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  • I’m a minimalist in training – can’t wait to see your gorgeous entry way once it’s completed!

    • I’m trying to be a minimalist-in-training, but I think I might actually just be a minimalist fan-girl!

  • I was looking into posting a ‘small spaces’ entry inspiration post too! That part of the home is so neglected haha. Looking forward to the reveal!

    • It so so is! For us it’s our only useable entrance, so it’s the first thing people see when they come in. Time to make it pretty!

  • I’m interested to see what you achieve. All these photos are so beautiful but they have no ‘stuff’ in them!

    • YES! I think I’ve found a solution to that. We’ll see how it comes together. Thanks for visiting!

  • Love this! So much gorgeous home inspo, good luck with the makeover!

    – Natalie

  • I can’t wait to see how you make the entryway of your dreams. Excited for you!

  • Courtney Weston

    I wish I was a minimalist! We have a tiny entry way forcing us to be minimalists in this area. I recently gave it a small makeover (here:

    Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

    • Aaaahhh, Courtney, I LOVE your blog! So fun to see you here on mine! Your makeover looks awesome, it’s amazing how much difference just a few little changes can make! We thankfully do have a little more room (sorry to rub it in), and I think my plan will make a huge difference to our whole apartment as we only have ONE closet, and no kitchen cabinets, lol! Thanks for visiting! xoxo

  • I can’t believe you’ve lived in your apartment for seven years! I’ve never lived anywhere longer than two so far!!! Love these ideas!

    • We are SO lucky to have amazing landlords!!! I was the same way before we found this place, it’s exhausting to move so frequently! xoxo