Guest Post: 12 Minimalist Spring DIY Ideas


12 Minimalist Spring DIY Ideas

It’s another fabulous guest writer today! This time I’m happy to introduce you to Melissa, blogger at Lulu the Baker, and author of the book Scandinavian Gatherings. Melissa is another kind, fun, lovely person I feel lucky to call my friend! She cooks up yummy meals and desserts, is a whiz at making simple, real-person weeknight meal plans, makes gorgeous crafts, and guys — she raises chickens!  If you’re just about ready to call it quits on this winter, Melissa has the perfect roundup for you today. Thanks, girl!


I’m excited to be guest posting on Idle Hands Awake for my friend Marlene today! I don’t know about you, but once the holidays are over, I’m ready to skip over January and February and head straight into warmer weather. I love Spring for its freshness, life, and sunshine, and today, I’ve rounded up a dozen beautiful and easy DIY projects that will get you and your home ready for Spring!

Marlene and I share a love of house plants, so they’re well represented in this bunch, along with a few ideas for beautiful table linens that will be perfect for al fresco entertaining once the weather warms up!


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Guest Post: DIY Marbled Hanging Plant Holder


DIY Marbled Hanging Plant Holder by Delineate Your Dwelling

I’m so excited to have the lovely Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling as a guest writer today. Amy is not only a talented and creative DIYer, but a kind and generous soul. One of the best things about blogging is making connections with other bloggers, and I feel lucky to count Amy as one of my “blog besties.” Plus we both share the philosophy that EVERYONE is creative! Today Amy is sharing a project that you plant hoarders will love — take it away, lady!


I adore using simple materials to create simple solutions.  One of my very favorite materials to create with is clay.  I often reach for Air Dry Clay but love the color options that Polymer Clays can give you.  Today, I am sharing how to create this modern DIY Marbled Hanging Plant Holder.

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Make it Friday and Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


Bad habits are hard to kick.

In this case, the habit of starting all of my posts talking about time passage. Pretty sure some combination of the words “Where is this year going?!” is my most used phrase.

So I’m just going to say it ONE MORE TIME and then avoid mentioning time ever again (and by ever again I mean “a while”). WHERE THE FORK IS THIS YEAR GOING??

Thank you for humoring that incredulity once again. Moving on, I’m popping onto the blog today to share the first Make it Friday of 2018. Because the only way to survive this winter is by drowning in all the DIY ideas!

Make It Friday / DIY roundup / DIY ideas / modern DIY ideas / modern craft ideas

+++ Getting organized in style is always a good idea. | Paper & Stitch

+++ A remedy for winter-chafed skin. | The Sweetest Digs

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30 Minutes or Less / DIY

5 Minute New Year’s Eve Party Hack: DIY Cheers Champagne Flutes


Get festive with this 5 minute New Year's Eve party hack. These DIY Cheers Champagne Flutes are super quick, and all you need are stickers!

Pretty sure my 2017 intention was “growth” or “focus” or something super inspirational like that. But clearly all I’ve accomplished is procrastination.

That’s ok though because waiting-until-the-guests-are-on-their-way is the mother of inspiration. So even though New Year’s Eve is IMMINENT (yikes)…you truly have time for this incredibly easy 5-minute party hack. Ready to see how to make your own DIY Cheers champagne flutes?

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30 Minutes or Less / DIY

Because you can’t holiday without copper: DIY Copper Wire Hoop Ornaments


You all had to know it was coming — a copper DIY!

I couldn’t have ended 2017 without just one more.

Whip up these DIY Copper Wire Hoop Ornaments in just ten minutes for a little boho bling on your tree. Whip up these DIY Copper Wire Hoop Ornaments in just ten minutes for a little boho bling on your tree.

These DIY copper wire hoop ornaments are even faster than yesterday’s craft — you can make one in just ten minutes. You’ve got a spare ten minutes between now and Monday, right? Well maybe just, we’ve definitely hit Ludicrous Speed in terms of end-of-the-year craziness.

Anyways, if you’ve got some copper wire, a glue gun, and some cord or string, you can craft this ornament in no time flat. You know you need just a little more decoration for your tree. Doooo it, doooo it!

Yes I am a craft enabler, that’s my official job title.

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