100 Gift Ideas You Can DIY


It’s probably not a surprise to you that my very favorite thing about the internet is getting to see ALL THE CRAFTS. There’s so so so so many. Endless projects, really. As a gal who went to high school during the heyday of AIM and anonymous chat rooms, the fact that we now have access to so much inspiration on tiny devices that fit in our pockets is mind-boggling.

All this to say, in spite of trolling and scams and fake news, the internet is still an amazing place to me, and I have scoured it high and low these past weeks to bring you 100 gift ideas you can DIY. I’ve organized them by category so you’ll have an easy time finding the right project for the right person. AND there’s even a few DIY gift wrap ideas at the end to make it extra special.

There’s a few weeks left before the holiday gifting begins, which is the perfect amount of time to make a craft (or two, or three) so you can have that one gift at the Yankee Swap that everyone actually wants. So before you click “buy,” why not DIY?

Feel free to roll your eyes at that last. Happy making!


That's right, 100 gift ideas you can DIY. For your bestie, your beau, your mom, your cat. Let the gifting begin!

Wood block candle holders — Bildschoenes

Pressed flower decanter — Jojotastic

Feather earrings — Ctrl + Curate

Blush faux fur pillow — Domino

Mud cloth notebooks — Idle Hands Awake

Terrazzo tile serving trays — Burkatron

Mid-century modern teardrop planter — Fall For DIY for eHow

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DIY Pastel Brushstroke Pumpkins


Truthfully, the holidays are kinda overwhelming me right now.

What with craziness at my day job, refereeing my fighting cats, housework, applying to social media management positions (yes! exciting! but scary!), doctors’ appointments, and trying to pretend I have some kind of social life…it just doesn’t feel like I have time to celebrate Thanksgiving, much less the Big C.

But I took some time this past weekend to do a little holiday crafting, and the result was magical. Not just because I really love how these DIY pastel brushstroke pumpkins came out, but because…I slowed down. I breathed. I painted.

These easy DIY pastel brushstroke pumpkins make a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece, and would be fun for a colorful Halloween too! Click through for the free tutorial.

Making is meditative, guys. So even if you feel like an out-of-control lawn mower during this crazy time we call THE HOLIDAYS, take some time for yourself. Craft. Have a glass of wine and pull out the paints. And whip up this easy project for a cute Thanksgiving centerpiece DIY while you’re at it.

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Giveaway! Win a Basket of my Favorite Things


**The giveaway is now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who entered!**

SOMEHOW, the holidays are upon us. And besides the shopping and decorating and wrapping and eating…that means it’s time for all the holiday giveaways.

I’m so, SO excited to have teamed up with a group of my favorite bloggers for the Favorite Things Giveaway. My good friend, Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling, is the mastermind behind this idea.

And as the name implies, we are each giving a way a basket of our favorite things to share with you, our readers!

Win a basket of my favorite things, just in time for the holidays!

The best part about holiday giveaways? Since you’ve already made your shopping list for your loved ones (you have, right?), you don’t need to feel guilty about keeping the prize for yourself!

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How to turn a Photo into a Stamp


If you’ve ever wondered if there’s any such thing as too many cats…obviously you haven’t been around me very long. The answer, of course, is “no.”

At least, you can never have too many cat stamps.

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake See how easy it is to turn a photo into a custom stamp so you can stamp your own DIY wrapping paper, or anything else you want! Makes a great gift too.

Yes, those are my actual cats, as actual stamps. Clearly my cat-craziness has reached maximum absurdity.

Blame it on the good people at They specifically asked if I could come up with a cat-related DIY when they reached out to collaborate. So naturally, I just HAD to turn my cats’ faces into stamps. No choice in the matter, hands tied, #sorrynotsorry.

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DIY Stranger Things 2 Punk Eleven Costume


There’s no point in pretending that anyone did anything other than binge watch nine hours of Stranger Things 2 this past weekend.

Yes, maybe a few chores were squeezed in there, and if you have kids it probably took you the better part of the weekend. But let’s be honest — it was pretty much all Stranger Things, all the time.

Besides the Demadogs, Shadow Monsters, epic Steve and Dustin interactions, and a desire to have Mad Max as my new best friend, my absolute favorite part of season 2 is Eleven’s punk makeover montage. Badassery has never looked better.

Even though Halloween is tomorrow, there is still time to recreate your own DIY Stranger Things 2 Punk Eleven costume. Yes my fellow bitchin’ sisters, we can do this! Screw the unwashed dishes, get out of work early, and run around to your local thrift shops. Just glare at the other last-minute costume shoppers and imagine throwing them out of your way with your mind.

Hit up your local thrift shop or Amazon Prime for this bitchin' DIY Stranger Things 2 Punk Eleven costume. All you need now is superpowers.

Or, go the super easy route and grab all the items you need from Amazon with the magic of one-day shipping. Links below!

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