30 Minutes or Less DIY

    DIY Winking Eye Pumpkin with Printable Template

    I really want to have a funny story to accompany this DIY winking eye pumpkin. It’s such a cutie, it deserves a good story.

    But, stories don’t always come when you want them to. Especially when you’re stressed because of lots of technical bloggy conundrums and you’re running late to work and the place is a mess and you have to dash to the store for cat food AND you just can’t seem to plan ahead even after three years of blogging.

    So with no ado whatsoever, I give you an easy, 30-minute Halloween pumpkin decorating idea, complete with printable template:

    DIY winking eye pumpkin @idlehandsawake

    DIY winking eye pumpkin @idlehandsawake

    Yup, she’s a little looker and she knows it. The best part about this pumpkin project is that I did the hard work for you. You know I will never expect you to draw, I like you too much for that. Just print and cut out the template below and get crafting. Continue Reading

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