How To Create the Perfect Kitchen Cart (with more storage than you know what to do with)

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    How to Create the Perfect Kitchen Cart @idlehandsawake

    The kitchens I like—the ones that make me go “ooooooo” and start scheming ways to casually move in without the owners noticing—those kitchens all seem to feature a lot of airy, open storage.

    But open storage, like bacon-scented soap, is underwhelming in real life.


    Open Storage in the Kitchen -- We are the Brauns

    image credit: We are the Brauns


    The reality of open storage in the kitchen!


    It’s times like these that you have to roll up your sleeves and just DIY your own closed storage. Which is totally possible thanks to the magic of a little thing called the hardware store.

    Behold, how to create the perfect kitchen cart:

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