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    Scandinavian Workspace Makeover — The Before

    Before I share these photos with you, I have to tell you something.


    It’s just that, when you combine an almost comical lack of storage with a tendency to hoard collect supplies, and add in a dash of chronic health problems that often leave you too tired to finish projects or clean up after yourself, you end up with this:

    Scandinavian Workspace Makeover - Before

    Or this:

    Scandinavian Workspace Makeover - Before

    It’s unreal how much CRAP you can inadvertently collect in six years. We’ve reached a level of non-function in our little one-bedroom apartment, and nowhere has that become more apparent than in my “workspace.”

    The the too-small wobbly folding cart engulfed in clutter and the too-large desk by the window where the glare makes photo-editing impossible just don’t inspire productivity. Shocking, I know.

    Which is why I’m beyond giddy to finally announce that IKEA Stoughton has partnered with me for a Scandinavian workspace makeover. That’s right, IKEA, baby.


    I’ve been sitting on this secret since early March and OHH, is it good to get it out into the world!

    This is going to be epic, you guys. It’s my Scandinavian workspace inspiration come to life—bright white shelves, organized storage boxes, plants. I’m excited.

    But no makeover is complete without a few painful “before” pictures, so just grit your teeth and allow me to give you a little tour. This is REAL LIFE, folks, crappy iPhone photos and all. Continue Reading

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