Make it Friday – Catching Up


Oh heeeeyyyyyyy! It’s been AGES since we’ve seen each other here on the bloggy. And it’s suddenly May now, what.

So you veteran readers know that I collect chronic health conditions as a side hobby. Well unfortunately they ALL flared up at once in April. It was about as fun as getting three simultaneous root canals. But I made it and things are slowly getting back to normal and I am ready to re-immerse myself in all things crafts.

I hope you are too because I found some beautiful DIY ideas to inspire your weekend!

Make it Friday - DIY ideas to inspire your weekend

+++ Paint splattered things are here to stay and I am ok with that. | A Bubbly Life

+++ Speaking of trends, terrazzo tile has been sweeping through Blogland and this DIY terrazzo tile table might be my favorite take yet. | Heju (tutorial in French)

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Twelve Bright and Airy Spring Interiors


House Doctor via Living and Company | Bright and Airy Spring Interiors

House Doctor via Living and Co.

Ok I have to admit I am LOVING these home inspiration posts. It’s like one of those gifts that you get for your husband but that’s really for you because you’ve wanted it all along (hello Wes Anderson movie collection). I mean I know you guys told me that you wanted more interior design, but I didn’t realize how much *I* wanted more interior design. So glad this is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Spring weather has officially kicked in up here in Boston—there’s even trees starting to bloom!—and it’s put me even more in the mood for all things light and fresh and infused with greenery. For today then I’ve gathered up these bright and airy spring interiors that I think you’ll love too. Don’t they just make you want to rush out and buy lots of light gray and white fluffy textures and all the plants?

Stylizimo Blog | Bright and Airy Spring Interiors


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Make it Friday – Bring on the Color


Spring has FINALLY made an appearance here in Boston this week and it’s got me in the mood for a colorful DIY roundup. Have you just been dying for all the flowers too??

Make it Friday colorful DIY roundup via Idle Hands Awake

+++ Please marry me, Fran, your skill and style are endlessly awe-inspiring and this DIY (yes, DIY!) couch is no exception. | Fall for DIY

+++ Faux flower magnets! Enough said. | Lulu the Baker

+++ Hexagon tile just never gets old. Also I have a thing for coasters. | The Lovely Drawer

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