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    How To Hang Heavy Shelves on Horsehair Plaster Walls

    This post is sponsored by IKEA Stoughton, but all words/ideas/opinions are entirely my own!

    Last year I discovered that my local hardware store teaches mini home repair workshops on the weekends. Which is how I found myself trekking over one morning, chai soy latte in hand, to watch a demonstration on plaster walls.

    I was the only person who showed. Apparently plaster walls are not as riveting to my neighbors as they are to me.

    But if you’ve ever lived in a pre-1950s home, you know the agony of those crumbly plaster slabs masquerading as walls. Boston-area readers, I know you’ve been there: how hammering a tiny nail hole turns into spackling a tennis ball-sized gash. Or how the cleanup from that tiny hole fills an entire vacuum cleaner cup with dust and bits of horsehair (ew ew ew ew ew). Or how it’s impossible to hang anything heavier than a cheapo 8×10 frame.

    Well, my home repair nerdiness has paid off, because I have learned a secret. And that secret has allowed me to finally, finally have the modern, open, bright white Scandinavian workspace of my dreams.

    How to Hang Heavy Shelves on Horsehair Plaster Walls - Idle Hands Awake

    That’s right, you can hang up stuff in your charmingly impractical turn-of-the-20th-century home. All you need is a little piece of hardware you’ve probably passed a million times while bee-lining it for the copper pipes in the plumbing aisle: the toggle bolt.

    If I sound a little info-mercially, it’s because I’m practicing for my debut Vanna White impression below, which is not embarrassing at all. But first, everything you need to learn how to hang heavy shelves on horsehair plaster walls: Continue Reading

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