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    6 DIYs for Crazy Cat People + Meals for Homeless Cats!

    This post is sponsored by Purina Cat Chow, but all words/ideas/opinions are entirely my own!

    I was a crazy cat person before it was cool. ::smugly pushes cat-eye glasses up onto face::

    So when Purina Cat Chow asked me to partner with them to promote their Nutrition to Build Better Lives campaign and blab about my own kitties on the blog…well, I was obviously all about that.

    And for the catnip flavored icing on the tuna cake, Purina Cat Chow is donating meals to shelter cats in need! You can help and it’s really easy — find out how below.

    But first, 6 DIYs for crazy cat people to guarantee that your kitty has the most crazy stylish human home on the block.

    Crazy cat people unite! Check out these DIY cat projects that will make your feline friends purrfectly happy. Continue Reading

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