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5 Minute New Year’s Eve Party Hack: DIY Cheers Champagne Flutes


Get festive with this 5 minute New Year's Eve party hack. These DIY Cheers Champagne Flutes are super quick, and all you need are stickers!

Pretty sure my 2017 intention was “growth” or “focus” or something super inspirational like that. But clearly all I’ve accomplished is procrastination.

That’s ok though because waiting-until-the-guests-are-on-their-way is the mother of inspiration. So even though New Year’s Eve is IMMINENT (yikes)…you truly have time for this incredibly easy 5-minute party hack. Ready to see how to make your own DIY Cheers champagne flutes?

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30 Minutes or Less / DIY

Because you can’t holiday without copper: DIY Copper Wire Hoop Ornaments


You all had to know it was coming — a copper DIY!

I couldn’t have ended 2017 without just one more.

Whip up these DIY Copper Wire Hoop Ornaments in just ten minutes for a little boho bling on your tree. Whip up these DIY Copper Wire Hoop Ornaments in just ten minutes for a little boho bling on your tree.

These DIY copper wire hoop ornaments are even faster than yesterday’s craft — you can make one in just ten minutes. You’ve got a spare ten minutes between now and Monday, right? Well maybe just, we’ve definitely hit Ludicrous Speed in terms of end-of-the-year craziness.

Anyways, if you’ve got some copper wire, a glue gun, and some cord or string, you can craft this ornament in no time flat. You know you need just a little more decoration for your tree. Doooo it, doooo it!

Yes I am a craft enabler, that’s my official job title.

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How to Make DIY Terrazzo Tile Ornaments


You guys, I’ve been dyyyyying to make a terrazzo tile project every since I saw Enthralling Gumption’s gorgeous tray. And then Fall for DIY’s soaps. And most especially, Ctrl + Curate’s earrings!

But first anxiety got in the way of all my crafting plans, and then it was time for holiday craziness, and somehow there’s always some reason for me to be behind, yada yada yada DIY TERRAZZO TILE ORNAMENTS.

Make these easy and fun DIY terrazzo tile ornaments for a modern, colorful addition to your holiday decor. Make these easy and fun DIY terrazzo tile ornaments for a modern, colorful addition to your holiday decor.

Good things come to those who stop holding themselves back and just get to work. 😉

These little clay cuties are so easy. You can make them with any color combinations you choose to match your decor. And this craft is addictive. Seriously, if you don’t like the terrazzo trend, you may want to stay clear of the blog for the next few months because I’ve got more ideas to come.

(Please don’t actually stay away from the blog. That would make me super sad).

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DIY Boho Winter Hula Hoop Wreath


DIY Boho Winter Wreath made from a hula hoop - such a beautiful touch for your modern Scandibo holiday decor!

One would think after 4+ years of blogging, I could have learned to finish my holiday posts ahead of time by now.

One would be mistaken.

At any rate, this DIY boho winter hula hoop wreath will make a gorgeous addition to your holiday decor, whether you hang it in November, or as your relatives are ringing your doorbell this weekend.

DIY Boho Winter Hula Hoop Wreath - Complete your modern Scandibo holiday decor with this simple yet stunning wreath made with fresh greens, cord, and an air plant!

If you’re thinking that there’s no way you can make this last-minute, just remember my motto: if I can do it, you can do it.

AND, if you have a dollar store near you with a hula hoop, and a tree lot that discards greens, you can make this wreath for around $25. (Sorry, West Elm, your wreaths are beautiful, but I need those 75 bucks to buy presents!)

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100 Gift Ideas You Can DIY


It’s probably not a surprise to you that my very favorite thing about the internet is getting to see ALL THE CRAFTS. There’s so so so so many. Endless projects, really. As a gal who went to high school during the heyday of AIM and anonymous chat rooms, the fact that we now have access to so much inspiration on tiny devices that fit in our pockets is mind-boggling.

All this to say, in spite of trolling and scams and fake news, the internet is still an amazing place to me, and I have scoured it high and low these past weeks to bring you 100 gift ideas you can DIY. I’ve organized them by category so you’ll have an easy time finding the right project for the right person. AND there’s even a few DIY gift wrap ideas at the end to make it extra special.

There’s a few weeks left before the holiday gifting begins, which is the perfect amount of time to make a craft (or two, or three) so you can have that one gift at the Yankee Swap that everyone actually wants. So before you click “buy,” why not DIY?

Feel free to roll your eyes at that last. Happy making!


That's right, 100 gift ideas you can DIY. For your bestie, your beau, your mom, your cat. Let the gifting begin!

Wood block candle holders — Bildschoenes

Pressed flower decanter — Jojotastic

Feather earrings — Ctrl + Curate

Blush faux fur pillow — Domino

Mud cloth notebooks — Idle Hands Awake

Terrazzo tile serving trays — Burkatron

Mid-century modern teardrop planter — Fall For DIY for eHow

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