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    DIY Copper Mistletoe

    So one year in Germany, I visited a Christmas market and found the most beautiful bunch of fresh mistletoe. Ever since I have been obsessed. I love the wild shape, the green leaves and white berries, and the ridiculous but cute tradition of kissing when you’re caught underneath. It’s all very Muppet Christmas Carol-ey, and I think we can agree life should be a little more like that. Perhaps without the giant spider muppet though.

    Anyways, I’ve been unable to find fresh mistletoe in my area that rivals that first large bunch, so I made my own DIY copper mistletoe. Because if there’s one thing that can improve wild greenery, it’s copper of course.

    DIY Copper Mistletoe @idlehandsawake

    DIY Copper Mistletoe @idlehandsawake

    Did yesterday’s post make you think I could get through this season without making anything with copper? Have you been paying attention?

    This project uses the same copper foil as my DIY copper inspiration board. It’s my favorite craft supply for sure; it’s super shiny and you can cut it with regular sharp scissors.

    My favorite bit about the end result of this DIY might just be the teeny tiny pom pom “berries.” Look how cute!

    DIY Copper Mistletoe @idlehandsawake

    I’ve made a solemn vow to never, ever ask you to draw by providing templates whenever possible. All YOU have to do is download my super fancy free printable template below. Continue Reading

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