Almost 30 Bucket List


You guys. Today is my birthday. And…I’m 29 years old.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s freaking me out a bit.

So to distract myself from the rapidly approaching end of the “20-somethings,” I am focusing instead on things I would like to do in the next year. You know, if money/time/reality took a break and let me play.

Presenting my Almost 30 Bucket List:

Almost 30 Bucket List || Jade and Fern

1. Go hang gliding.

Adrenaline is usually not my friend, but I could maybe toughen up for this awesome experience. Maybe.

2. Learn to draw.

The intro drawing classes at my college always filled up faster than you can sharpen a pencil. My brother is an excellent drawer, so maybe I can learn?

3. Travel to India.

Just someplace I’ve always wanted to go. I would eat ALL the foods.

4. Ride bridleless.

Riding has not been in my budget ever since I’ve been too old for my parents to pay (damn you, adulthood!), but when I next get the chance, I’m studying bridleless techniques. Better for the horse, and so badass.

5. Have dinner with Jeff Goldblum.

Sure, he’s starting to get old man ears, but they just add to his sexiness. (I like him for his sense of humor. Really).

Have you ever made a bucket list? I would love to hear what fantastic adventures or simple pleasantries y’all would like to indulge in!


Author: Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

Maker, baker, cat momma, total nerd, perpetually covered in glitter/sawdust/paint. Blogging DIY and design for modern creatives.

10 comments on “Almost 30 Bucket List”

  1. Happy birthday Marlene! Looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year! London and Montreal food adventures are on my list for the final two years of my 20s. Also maybe finishing a knitting project? Just one…

  2. Happy Birthday, Marlene! I, myself, have 1 1/2 years to go until I turn 30. However we shouldn’t be freaked out. Even if you don’t get that dinner with Jeff Goldblum, just remember what you already got and what amazing things still are ahead. At least that’s what I do. (But at night, in the dark of my room, I freak out a little too.)

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