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Guys. I need to get more organized. Plan ahead. Have some posts at the ready to be published in times of emergency. So that when I have to go to the ER in the middle of the night, I can just hit “publish” later in the day and not be MIA for so long. (Don’t worry, I’m ok, just an allergic reaction. Everything’s fine now).

What I’m saying is, I was thinking about you, readers. While hooked up to an IV and shivering in a cold patient room at 4 in the morning, I was thinking about you. Be flattered.

Back to blog stuff. Things have been a bit manic around here. Since I have no insulated indoor space to work on fumey projects, I’ve been scrambling to finish my bigger pieces before the cold weather sets in. Paint and polycrylic don’t cooperate in a freezing basement.

Which means, this past weekend was woodworking weekend! Woot!

DIY Tree Slice Table || Jade and Fern

Don’t I look classy in my work clothes and neon socks?

Two of my friends just bought a fantastic house in MA and invited me to come use their tools for these tree slice tables I’ve been working on. I may have invited myself, the details are a little hazy. Thank you, lovelies, for letting me invade your home!

Yes, these are the same tree slices I got all the way back in April. It took ALL. SUMMER. for them to dry. It was hair-pullingly slow. But they’re finally ready and now I’m prepping them to be table-ified.

DIY Tree Slice Table || Jade and Fern

DIY Tree Slice Table || Jade and Fern

DIY Tree Slice Table || Jade and Fern

I wanted to take more pictures, but the sawdust was seriously intense. No phone/camera needs to be subjected to that mess.

What did you all do this past weekend? I know, it’s already Wednesday, but I would feel quite rude not asking.

This week will be a little scant post-wise, but I’ll be back with more good stuff next week!


You know when you have a really big ambitious project that’s taking a really long time and all this other stuff gets in the way and eventually a whole year has passed and you’ve just lost the thrill of working on it? Yeah, that happened. Turns out the much-awaited (by me) Tree Slice Tables just aren’t going to work in our home. By which I mean, I’m too lazy to keep planing and planing and planing to try to get my slices level. Time to admit defeat and move on!

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    1. Thank you Becca! I’ll be turning these tree slices into coffee tables! I’m very excited. Hopefully I can get it all done while the weather is still good. If you can and you have a non-humid/damp place to store them, you should pick up some slices or stumps! Project ideas can come later. 🙂

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