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DIY Brass and Leather Keychain


Copper may have taken my heart, but there is still a place for brass in my DIYs. By which I mean, I couldn’t find any copper key clips and was too lazy to spray paint these so decided that brass will have to do.

DIY Brass and Leather Keychain @idlehandsawake

Seriously though, how pretty does that brassy tone look on this DIY Brass and Leather Keychain? Yes, I’m complimenting my own choices now, it’s distasteful I know. But I really like how it’s a little bit nautical while still being modern and minimal and it’s a perfect gift idea too. You know, in case none of the 100 I posted the other day called out to you.

In other news, I’m a monthly contributor on More now! Click on through for the tutorial for this easy easy keychain (so easy it will take you less than 30 minutes!).

DIY Brass and Leather Keychain @idlehandsawake

DIY Brass and Leather Keychain @idlehandsawake

So what do you think…will you be making one or two of these little guys? Or are you fully steeped in holiday DIYs?

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  1. Oh, I’m obsessed!! Definitely need to make one for myself and a few for family, too, this Christmas. Great tutorial!

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