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DIY Copper Grid Votives


Are you sick of the copper trend yet?

If you answered yes, I’m sorry but we can no longer be friends.

For me the answer is an emphatic never.


If you aren’t done with copper (yay!)…you need to get yourself some copper tape like yesterday. Long-time admirer, first-time user of this stuff here, and now nothing in my house is safe. Do not be surprised if my cats show up with copper stripes.

For today, I’ve managed to restrain myself and make these very simple DIY copper grid votives.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Yes, I am combining two trends here because Pinterest has turned me into a trend fiend. I’m honestly not too sure how I feel about black-and-white grid swimsuits, but shiny, understated, coppery grids? That I can do.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake DIY Copper Grid Votives

Skill Level: The easiest.

Time: 10-15 minutes to apply the grid pattern.

If you need to spray paint your votive holders, factor in an extra day to spray paint and allow to cure.

What you need:

  • a votive holder
  • white spray paint (if you can’t find a white votive holder)
  • copper tape
  • scissors

What you do:

Step One — If you can’t find a white votive holder, spray paint those suckers white! Mine were just clear glass and the spray paint worked perfectly. You could also use any other color votive holder. I’m not the boss of you.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

#sorrynotsorry about the crappy iPhone pic—my DSLR doesn’t get to go near spray paint.

Follow all directions on your spray paint can and let dry for a day before copperifying.

Step Two — Cut four strips of tape that are slightly longer than your votive is tall.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Step Three — Apply your first piece of tape as a vertical line. Fold the bottom end over the bottom of the votive and leave the top end sticking up.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Step Four — Apply the other three strips of tape you pre-cut. Here’s a little trick to get everything even without having to measure: think of the votive holder as the face of a clock. So you want a strip of tape at 12, 3, 6, and 9.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Then you can divide those four sections in half with four more strips of tape. Make sense?

Don’t worry too much about making things crazy perfectly even. This is not brain surgery, it’s home decor. Relax.

Step Five — Snip off the overhanging tape ends.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Step Six — Now cut off four strips of tape that are long enough to wrap around the votive holder with a little overlap.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Step Seven — Apply the top and bottom horizontal strips by wrapping them all the way around the votive.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Step Eight — Another trick: mark where the final two grid lines should go with a bit of extra tape. You can reposition the pieces until they’re evenly spaced, then line the real pieces up with those.

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Trim off any overhanging ends, smooth all the tape down nice and flat, and you’re done!

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Add a candle, some chai tea, and a cat or two and we got ourselves a really cozy fall evening.

coppergridvotiveflame DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

Ok, be honest—am I too obsessed with copper? Is there such a thing?

DIY Copper Grid Votive @idlehandsawake

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