Handmade Accessories for the Living Room


The P-word is officially taboo in our apartment. And on the blog.

You know what I’m talking about—that tedious activity I’ve been doing for what seems like an eternity to transform our living roomPlease don’t make me say it…

All this work on The Project Which Shall Not Be Named has made me look at the living room with open eyes. Greedy, materialistic eyes that want to fill the room with new stuff for an even more dramatic makeover.

So when the folks at DaWanda—a European online marketplace comparable to Etsy—asked me to curate a page of my favorite handmade items for their “Products We Love” collection, I was all too happy to do some window shopping and make myself wish I had more money.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post—I did get a little shout-out from DaWanda, but the only reason I’m sharing the collection is because I think you will love it too. So here you go, my favorite handmade accessories for the living room:

Handmade Accessories for the Living Room || Jade and Fern

01 || My living room definitely needs more plants, and I can’t think of a prettier way to display them than a neon pink macrame hanger.

02 || You don’t have to delve into Jade and Fern too deeply to realize that I love hexagons, so I’m obviously drooling over this trio of hexagon votives in shades of teal.

03 || A crocheted basket is the perfect way to add more texture to the room while organizing all those pesky remotes.

04 || I’m so over the mammoth vintage coffee table I found for $10 years ago. This little guy looks like a much more stylish replacement.

05 || More artwork forever and ever!

06 || The cats would be thrilled at all the lounging they could do on this coffee sack pouf.

07 || Every living room obviously needs a bazillion colorful rugs. So yummy.

08 || I don’t have any “real” vases, only jars. Which are fine. But this dipped concrete vase is better.

Plus, two gorgeous pieces I just couldn’t squeeze into the collage: a geometric macrame wall hanging, and a felted cat cave (so that I could hopefully keep that pouf for myself).

What about you, are any of these decor items calling your name?

I know on Friday I promised I’d have lots of good goodies for you this week, BUT I realized I really need to take a few days to do some organizational/administrative stuff for the blog. And for my life. And to finish up the P-word. And to start this 30-day mindfulness challenge.

Is summer supposed to be this busy?

So please pardon me while I take this week off to get shit done. Of course I’ll still be around commenting and social media-ing. Have a good one, all, see you next week!


Author: Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

Maker, baker, cat momma, total nerd, perpetually covered in glitter/sawdust/paint. Blogging DIY and design for modern creatives.

12 comments on “Handmade Accessories for the Living Room”

  1. I love the idea of making a macrame plant hanger-i’ve been seeing them on tons of blogs and wishing I had one! You should totally make one and post a tutorial!

  2. I am in the same position with my living room. I don’t even want to START because it seems like too big a task. These accessories make me want to give it a try though. If only it were as easy/fun to pick out the BIG things ;(

    1. It’s so funny to hear you say that, what with your amazing decorating skills! But I guess we all have a sticking point somewhere. The good news is, once you’re done with the big stuff, the rest is easy, right? Good luck, and thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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