How to turn a Photo into a Stamp


If you’ve ever wondered if there’s any such thing as too many cats…obviously you haven’t been around me very long. The answer, of course, is “no.”

At least, you can never have too many cat stamps.

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake See how easy it is to turn a photo into a custom stamp so you can stamp your own DIY wrapping paper, or anything else you want! Makes a great gift too.

Yes, those are my actual cats, as actual stamps. Clearly my cat-craziness has reached maximum absurdity.

Blame it on the good people at They specifically asked if I could come up with a cat-related DIY when they reached out to collaborate. So naturally, I just HAD to turn my cats’ faces into stamps. No choice in the matter, hands tied, #sorrynotsorry.

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

But this project isn’t really about my cat obsession, as blog-worthy as cat-stamped DIY wrapping paper is. Because I learned a very exciting thing through this partnership: you can turn any photo into a stamp.

You can make a stamp of your baby. Or your car. Or your grandma. Or your collection of vintage international food packaging (yes, I know someone with such a collection).

So whether you’ve always had a hankering to make a stamp out of your favorite picture, or are just now struck with a (totally understandable) desire to do so, I’m gonna walk you through how to turn a photo into a stamp with

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp

Skill level: Oh-So-Easy

Time: 15-30ish minutes, depending on how fussy you are about tweaking the final image, and how long you get stuck trying it out on all your photos!

What you need:

+ any photo in jpg format

+ your preferred size custom stamp on (I used the 2″x2″ L Square Engraved Stamp)

+ I surely hope this is obvious, but you do need a computer and internet access!

What you do:

Step 1: Head over to and click on Stamps > Custom Stamps > Custom Wood Stamps. Choose the stamp size, then hit that big red “Customize” button.

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

Step 2: Upload your jpg photo by selecting the image icon on the right, then Add New Graphic > Browse > Upload. Your photo will magically appear in black and white! You can use the blue squares to change the size, just click and drag the squares until the image is the size you want.

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

Step 3: Now it’s time to tweak your image. As you can see, the upload of Champ’s face was too dark at first. To fix it, just click on Edit Effects, and then move the “Threshold Value” slider up or down. A higher number makes the picture lighter, and a lower number makes it darker. There’s no way to preview while you’re in this tool, so you may just have to do it multiple times until the picture looks right.

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

And that’s it! You can add your stamp to your cart. The only thing that’s left is impatiently waiting for your fabulous custom stamp to arrive (but don’t worry, the turnaround time is fast, within a week for production and delivery!).

Confession: I did edit my kitty pictures in Photoshop to get the floating faces for the stamps. BUT, don’t worry, you don’t need to have a photo-editing program in order to make really awesome stamps.

These three photos below had no editing whatsoever. And since the physical stamps I received looked exactly like the preview images, I know these would transfer to paper beautifully!

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

Now the question is: what photo will you be turning into a stamp so you can stamp ALLTHETHINGS??

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

I think it will be difficult to outdo the cattiness of this project going forward, but I’m not one to back down from a challenge. 😉

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

How to turn a Photo into a Stamp @idlehandsawake

P.S. Longtime readers may notice there’s a new cat on that wrapping paper. Yup, we got a third kitty! Blog friends, meet our goofball Aemon, also known as Half-Stache. He purrs like a tractor without a muffler, has a tiny squeak of a meow in spite of his size, and likes to hold onto whatever he’s sitting near.

Aemon the Cat @idlehandsawake

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  1. Your cats stamps are awesome! My daughter and I were stuck trying to figure out which one is the cutest 🙂 .. and now I need to get some! 🙂
    Thank you!!

  2. Its a great gift and I just went on their website. Unfortunately I tried to follow your steps and Step 1 – just finding the menu didn’t work.

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