Make It Friday: I Was Too Busy But Maybe You’re Not?


Make It Friday || DIY Roundup via Jade and Fern

ERMAGERD, how is it Friday already? Again?! Where did this week go? What happened to my blog posts??

WELL, thank you for letting me get that off my chest. Clearly I had a busy week. I made stuff, but life prevented me finishing any of it. And I figured you guys deserved better than more progress pics.

But that’s ok! I can show you awesome finished projects by other bloggers! That’s what the internet is for!

» How fabulous is Ladyface Blog’s super easy, super cheery wall hanging? A perfect antidote to the bleak winter months ahead.

» Nerd alert: nerdtastic 8-bit fire for the non-working fireplace. Über-nerd alert: it’s the fire from Legend of Zelda. By Our Nerd Home. Nerd out.

» I want to eat this brass swing-arm lamp by Hello Lidy right. UP. So deliciously brassy.

» Who can resist the gorgeous crystal bracelet project on Henry Happened? Not this girl.

» These spray painted gold rock bookends by Design Love Fest are the bomb.

» If our house had more outlets, I would make this lovely gem nightlight over at Almost Makes Perfect. So that when I go to the bathroom in the middle of a scary movie and am convinced that the old lady from The Shining is lurking in the bathtub and I can’t find the damned ceiling pull cord, I’ll at least have a pretty back-up light to beam in her eyes. Yeah, I’m a wuss.

Now, wasn’t that satisfying? Feeling inspired? What great projects have you seen/planned/made lately?

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