Make it [Wednesday]: Hello Again


Oh hey there, bloggy friends.

I swear I have a good reason for my prolonged absence. But, I can’t tell you yet. It’s super secret. Which is hard for me—I’m great at keeping other people’s secrets, but as an innate over-sharer, keeping my own is as challenging as not compulsively checking Pinterest.

No, it’s not that the living room reveal is going to be published THIS FRIDAY (eep!). It’s not even that there will be a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY to celebrate the reveal (eep!). It’s a secret of a more personal nature. That hopefully I can share soon.

Until then, here is a completely random assortment of projects I’ve ogled during my radio silence:

Make it Wednesday: FABulous DIY Projects from around the Web

Isn’t this tissue paper party sign by Confetti Sunshine just FAB??

This bed tray project is so easy, you can make it when your loved ones are sick in bed. And then photograph them while they’re sick in bed. Hailey of Here nor There is a girl after my own heart—anything to get the shot!

Love love love Kittenhood’s faux cross stitch wall art—you’ll never guess the materials she used!

Hello Lidy always rocks her modern takes on holiday decor, and this head succulent planter for Halloween is no exception. No, it’s not too early, it’s the end of September for g’s sake.

Make a simple poster frame for your giant, well, posters. And then style it like Lay Baby Lay, who is clearly the Queen of Vignettes. So pretty.

I’m digging the chic utensil rack created by the ever-inspiring team at A Beautiful Mess. Now if only my kitchen were white…


I know by now you must think that my living room reveal is a thing I made up and never actually did. But this time I really, really, REALLY mean it: the reveal is on Friday! For reals! It will be amazing! If only for the reason that it is finally finished and actually published!

Happy hump-day, all, see you soon!

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        1. Hahaha, I’m a horrible gambler too, and also I have no poker face whatsoever. Now I’m really curious as to what you thought the news would be. A few of our friends, and also A.’s parents, thought we were going to tell them we won the lottery, and we were both like “Hmm, that might actually be BETTER news…” hahaha!

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