Minimal DIY Wreath Ideas Anyone Can Make


Tomorrow is the darkest day of the year. And that means it will start getting light again THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!

This is why we celebrate the winter solstice in this house; gotta stay positive when the possibility of being buried under 8 feet of snow looms ever closer.

Solstice is all about welcoming the rebirth of the sun. Bringing evergreens into the home and lighting a Yule log, candles, or even a Christmas tree symbolize the lengthening days and the return of all things growing and living.

If you’re rushing around in the holiday frenzy this week, but need a reminder that spring will come again, here are 7 minimal DIY wreath ideas that anyone can make in under an hour. Yes, even if you’ve never made a wreath before!

Minimal DIY Wreath Ideas @idlehandsawake

And as a bonus, they’re beautiful and subtle enough to leave up all winter. Unlike my neighbors’ illuminated stegosaurus Santa. 

Minimal DIY wreath ideas

+++ Freckle and Wulff wreath with eucalyptus and cotton

+++ Erika Rax copper and twig wreath

+++ Makers Society simple foliage wreath

+++ Sugar & Cloth geometric wreath

+++ Your DIY Family mini wreath cupcake toppers (you can hang them on the wall after the cupcakes are gone!)

+++ Almost Makes Perfect triangular wreath

+++ Zwoste dreamcatcher wreath (in German, but pictures are self-explanatory)

I picked up a bunch of greens at Trader Joe’s last week, but I confess I haven’t used it yet because I’ve been drowning in blog projects and holiday parties. What about you, any wreaths, garlands, or trees in your home? There’s still a smidge of time before The Big Day!


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