As I mentioned last week, I lost my glasses. Which is making it quite difficult to do things like read, drive, and, you know, BLOG.

Frustrating as it is to lose my pretty clear frames and have to shell out an unexpected couple hundred bucks, I get to shop! These are some of the online specs that have caught my eye (harhar):

Specs || via Jade and Fern

Punchline by Rivet and Sway – My absolute favorite pair. Sadly, Rivet and Sway does not offer progressive prescriptions. Sniffle.

Willow by Warby Parker

Ms. G by Rivet and Sway

Fashionably Late by BonLook

Parker by Lookmatic – The pair I ordered! I’m trying to be patient but that hasn’t stopped me from calling Lookmatic every day to see what the status is…

Which pair is your favorite? Have any of you done the online glasses thing before?

I’m not sure how active I’ll be on the blog this week–all joking aside, my eyes really do hurt being on the computer so long. And I had an awesome project in the works, but I can’t photograph it…because I can’t tell when the camera is in focus… What a ridiculous obstacle to productivity.

In the meantime, don’t forget about the 14 Days of Love Giveaway! Today’s hostess is PJ of Bunny and Dolly – hop over to her blog to check out the prize! You can keep up with all of the bloggers on the 14 Days of Love Facebook page, and see a complete list of prizes at Oleander and Palm.

14 Days Of Love Giveaway

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  1. Ohh… I LOVE THE Punchlines. But boo for the lack of rx options. I think the Parkers are an awesome second choice though! I haven’t had new glasses since uhh, I got contacts. So I’d say these 15 year old frames need upgraded as well!

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