The Mondrineon–A DIY Neon Tote Bag


Call it what you will: a modern update, a reinvention, a new spin on whatever….I can’t help but feel that my latest project is a perversion of a classic. Maybe that’s my artsy-fartsy education speaking.

But even if it makes Piet Mondrian himself shudder, I love the way this DIY neon tote bag came out!

The Mondrineon - DIY Neon Tote || Jade and Fern

And perhaps he wouldn’t be too upset—he was the ultimate color-blocker in his later works, after all.

This is a super simple project and will make you the Queen (or King) of your local farmer’s market. I had such a blast making it that I’m having to restrain myself from buying more totes to Mondrineonize. (Please make this project and then start using that word so I can end up in the dictionary. It’s my life-long dream as of just now).

The Mondrineon - DIY Neon Tote || Jade and Fern

What you need:

  • blank canvas tote
  • neon fabric paint (I could only find spray paint, so I poured out small amounts to brush on)
  • foam brushes
  • black fabric paint or fabric marker
  • painter’s tape
  • cardboard to insert in the tote so the paint doesn’t bleed through
  • a reference image

What you do:

Easy peasy. Stick cardboard inside the bag, tape up your lines, paint one coat of each neon color and allow it to dry completely, paint a second coat and allow it to dry completely, remove the tape, use the black marker to draw in all the lines, and voila! The most important thing is really just to check the instructions on the fabric paint and markers that you use (some paints need to be ironed to set).

Hope you have fun making these! Here’s some more pictures to convince you it’s worthwhile.

The Mondrineon - DIY Neon Tote || Jade and Fern

The Mondrineon - DIY Neon Tote || Jade and Fern

My restraint just gave out. I’m off to buy more totes.

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  1. What a fun project! btw, I love the pic of the bicycle with all of its accessories. You should market that one. 🙂

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