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Planning elaborate costumes is my favorite Halloween tradition—other than my annual viewing of Hocus Pocus, of course. Over the years I’ve dreamt up epic (to me) costumes for The Hulk, Rosie the Riveter, a walking carrot (yeah I don’t know why either), Larry King…you get the idea.

The problem is, I never actually make these costumes. Because costumes can get kind of expensive, you know? And as a home-decor/DIY addict, I’d much rather spend my money on a new power tool or piece of furniture, than on a pair of suspenders and fake abs I’m never going to wear again.

But this year…this year, I’M IN LOVE WITH TINA BELCHER. And I must be her. Which is why I’m making a DIY Tina Belcher costume.

Tina Belcher Costume via Idle Hands Awake

If you are into quirky comedy then you surely already know of Bob’s Burgers, which critics hail as THE BEST ANIMATED COMEDY OF ALL TIME. I just made that up, but it’s a great show, trust me. And awkward, horse-obsessed, boy-crazy, 13-year old Tina is definitely the cherry on top.

In order to justify actually buying this costume rather than just daydreaming about it, I decided everything would have to come from one store and cost under $50.

So here we go, everything you need for a one-stop DIY Tina Belcher costume:

glasses* || wig* || hair clip*

T-shirt in light blue* || skirt in royal blue* || socks* || shoes*

Total cost for all pieces with FREE shipping through Amazon: $43.96.

+++ UPDATE: Some of the items I linked to in 2014 are no longer available so I’ve searched out replacements for you and updated the links! Go be Tinas!

Not too bad, right? Admittedly more than I’d prefer to spend, but Tina is so so worth it.

There’s only one thing missing – a DIY Jimmy Jr. costume!

I could no sooner pick a favorite Tina moment than animate myself into her reality, so I’ll leave you with this one that my fiancee recommended.

Are you a Halloween costume person? And if so, what are your dress-up plans for this year?

+++UPDATE: I did it! And Alan joined me! Check out our costumes!

Tina Belcher + Jimmy Jr. costumes

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