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How to Make a Totally Removable Honeycomb Wall Decal


This is the easiest DIY project I have ever made.

Seriously, a monkey could do it. And I don’t mean a fancy helper monkey that has been trained for years to assist the elderly. I’m talking about a fresh-from-the-jungle-still-throwing-poo-and-eating-bananas monkey. Give him some washi tape and a template, and he could make this project.

In case the monkey poo metaphor doesn’t sell you on why you should make this DIY, let me skip ahead to the pretty pictures:

How to Make a Totally Removable Honeycomb Wall Decal || Jade and Fern


If you’re new to the blog, yes, the trim in our living room is lavender. Yes, the walls have a pinkish cast. Yes, this room is consequently difficult to photograph. Don’t judge me, I am the helpless victim of decades of unrestrained, paint-happy and color-tasteless tenants. You can read all about it here. (And if you’re not new to the blog, I finally convinced Alan to help me paint! This is the year!)

Back to the ease of the project—all you need is a template to make those lovely hexagon shapes. You could whip one up in any word processing program. But because I wanted to make things SO easy as to allow me to write a ridiculous intro like above…I made the template for you! Really, the only thing stopping you from making this DIY right now is that you are still reading my blog post.

So here we go!

How to Make a Totally Removable Honeycomb Wall Decal

Skill Level: ridiculously Easy

Time: 1/2 to 1 hour

What You Need:

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What You Do:

You really don’t need process photos. But I did my due blogging diligence and made them anyways.

How to Make a Totally Removable Honeycomb Wall Decal || Jade and Fern

Step One – Print the hexagon template and cut it out. It’s helpful (but not necessary) to print it onto a thicker paper like cardstock.

Step Two – Using regular tape, attach the hexagon to the wall where you want your first honeycomb cell to be.

Step Three – “Trace” around the template with pieces of washi tape.

Step Four – Trim off any overlapping washi tape edges with scissors. Run your fingers along the hexagon to smooth the tape down and make sure it sticks.

Step Five – When you are ready to make the next hexagon, place a piece of washi tape between the connecting edges and move the template over into that new spot.

Step Six – Repeat! Keep making connected hexagons to form a honeycomb shape. There are plenty of examples online if you don’t want to use the pattern I made.

And that’s it! Told you it was easy!

How to Make a Totally Removable Honeycomb Wall Decal || Jade and Fern

How to Make a Totally Removable Honeycomb Wall Decal || Jade and Fern

Look at that honeycomb! Isn’t it fab? Even the hideous Lavender Living Room looks nicer with a dramatic art piece like this. And best of all, when I want to change it (or paint!), I can just peel it up, no damage to the wall. Perfect for us renting folk.

As promised, the template:

+ + + Honeycomb Decal Template + + + 

I found both of these washi tapes at Paper Source, but Whimseybox and Etsy are great sources if you can’t find any locally. I know, I’m a little late to the washi tape game, you probably already knew all of this.

Why are you still reading??! Go make one for yourself! (Or, read other posts on my blog. That would be fun too).


This project was featured on Brit + Co and Apartment Therapy!

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    1. Haha, we have “that” kind of walls too! I had to photoshop out so many little dings and holes in the plaster for these shots. But the tape has not peeled up any paint—washi tape isn’t too sticky—so I bet it would be fine. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Amazing as always. I love how it wraps into the corner. I think it fits in well with the paint!
    I must know.. where did you get that bar cart??? I’m still trying to convince my boyfriend that we need to get one (PARTY POOPER) but in the mean time I’m researching :).

    1. Thank you!! I like the corner part too. Sadly for you, the bar cart is vintage–my boyfriend’s parents gave it to us from their yard sale. You should tell your man that all bloggers need bar carts, it’s a professional investment!

  2. I’m late to the washi tape game too, but getting pretty quickly obsessed with it. Love how you used it. Totally perfect for a rental! And – I thought your fireplace looked more like a blush pink at first and actually thought it was kind of cool. Haha…

  3. I think your little honeycomb in 4 or 5 shades of blue is going to find it’s way into our office! This huge wall above the desk is a little daunting to me – but colors that would tie in with the curtains and our already framed diplomas sounds perfect! GO MARLENE GO!

  4. I did this and it was really fun! I want to do another place in my room, even. Thanks for sharing! The progress pictures WERE helpful for me since I find written instructions alone hard to parse sometimes, so I’m happy you included them!

    (I left my Twitter URL as my website if you want to check my timeline and see! I don’t tweet too much, so depending on when — if — you see this, it shouldn’t be too far back.)

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