Make it Friday: Modern Thanksgiving DIYs


So clearly “keeping the blog going” amidst the wedding countdown is not really happening. I love you guys, but something had to give.

However, I just had to pop in real quick to share these modern Thanksgiving DIYs because I am obsessed with them. Come to me, my pretties.

Make it Friday: Modern Thanksgiving DIYs

Y’all know I can’t resist anything involving copper, like these adorable copper cap candles by The Merrythought. If you’re in a rush (and who isn’t this time of year), you could even just buy votives to fit the copper caps rather than making your own candles. To the plumbing aisle!

I love the simple, no-fuss stripes on this painted table runner by Lovely Indeed for Poppytalk.

What a surprise—more copper. You’ll never guess the materials Oleander and Palm used to create her faux copper vase.

Design Love Fest absolutely killed it with this modern take on a holiday wreath that’s pretty enough to leave up year ’round.

And so we remember to pause our feasting and be thankful—printable I’m Thankful For place cards by Almost Makes Perfect. Fill them out before the big meal and then read them off drunkenly over dessert.


Today I’m thankful that I live near so many craft stores. Let the wedding DIYs take shape!

Happy weekend, my dears. Oh, and better late than never—be sure to check out the Tina + Jimmy Jr. dance I promised you!

Tina Belcher + Jimmy Jr.

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