DIY Modern Brushstroke Easter Eggs


Make these DIY modern brushstroke Easter eggs in any color you like. I have to admit I struggle with craft ideas for certain holidays. 4th of July is a tough one, I skipped St. Patrick’s Day altogether, and I never know what to do with pumpkins. The problem is I prefer to make more unique things that don’t scream “HOLIDAYS!” and that is hard when everything under the sun has been done to pumpkins, or in this case, Easter eggs. Everything under the sun has been done to Easter eggs.

So for Easter this year I decided to give myself a break on originality and just make something pretty that I like. I came across this beautiful screenprint by Damien Tran and loved the pattern, which is how these DIY modern brushstroke Easter eggs came to be. An Easter craft inspired by high art, why not?

Make these DIY modern brushstroke Easter eggs in any color you like.

Make these DIY modern brushstroke Easter eggs in any color you like. Read More

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A Bright Organized Entryway — The Reveal


It’s here! It’s here! The organized entryway makeover reveal has come at last!

So I showed you yesterday how I went completely overboard with the amount of work I put into this. I mean who knew a 30 square foot space could take five weeks to complete??

Last night I came home through the refinished entryway for the first time and it felt SO. GOOD. That first impression of your home really is everything. It’s clean, it’s organized, it’s friggin’ pretty, and above all it’s not ARMY GREEN.

Enough talk, let’s get to the pictures.

Entryway Makeover Reveal @idlehandsawake Entryway Makeover Reveal @idlehandsawake Entryway Makeover Reveal @idlehandsawake Read More

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Renovating the Entryway — A Tale of Too Much Ambition

This post is sponsored by IKEA Stoughton, but all words/ideas/opinions are entirely my own.
Entryway Renovation @idlehandsawake

You know you might be a little too into IKEA when your DIY project leads you to punch yourself in the face, and your first thought is “still worth it.”

My simple makeover rapidly turned from an easy paint-and-furniture refresh to a partial gut entryway renovation. The sequence goes something like this:

+++ Remove the (poorly) built-in shelves and cabinets. The wall behind the cabinet reveals that there is original wood beadboard behind the army green mdf faux-tile panels.

Entryway Renovation @idlehandsawake

Entryway Renovation @idlehandsawake Read More


75 Modern DIY Ideas to Make for Spring


We’re under an expanding sheet of ice here in Boston but there’s good news — the first day of spring is next week.

I don’t know about you but I’m chomping at the bit for flowers and light scarves and sunny walks and flowers and sandals and flowers and longer days oh and flowers flowers flowers.

While we all wait for the weather to catch up to the calendar (stop rubbing it in, Californians, we know you’re ahead of us), I’ve gathered up 75 modern DIY ideas to make for spring.

Spring is in the air and it's time to start a new craft project (or 75). Check out these 75 modern DIY ideas to make for spring.

There’s drinks and decor and accessories and lots of flowery, planty crafts for us to fawn over. And bonus, the evenings seem longer now with all that extra sunlight so we can squeeze in even more making.

Floral champagne glasses — Delineate Your Dwelling

Textural embroidered artwork — Design*Sponge      Read More