Thankful For Printable to Celebrate Good Things this Thanksgiving


Celebrate gratitude this Thanksgiving with this free Thankful For Printable @idlehandsawake

I’m not gonna lie, this week has been a rough. While I don’t like to use my blog as a political soapbox, I do have to say—I am extremely disheartened by the U.S. election results. It’s hard to think of crafts and holidays and blog cheerfulness when I feel so anxious for myself and for the world.

But, I’m trying to remember that this is all the more reason to keep on going. To keep trying to make our lives better. For me, right now, that means losing myself in creativity, making pretty things, and sharing them with you. It may be meaningless in the grand scheme of the universe, but it has meaning for me, and that is enough reason to do it.

Thankful For Printable @idlehandsawake

As it happens, my planned post for today is all about pausing to be thankful, and I think we need it this week more than ever! I’ve been making an effort to celebrate holidays for the feelings they encourage, rather than their historical or commercialized contexts. One way to do that is to keep my life in perspective. There are days when mourning and anger need to be expressed, but it’s a short, short life we get, and I don’t want to live it sad and angry. I want to remember all that I have and all that I can do.

So I’ve made this thankful for printable to share with friends and family this Thanksgiving. It’s modern and fresh with watercolor in lapis, blush, and honey. Yes, I use fancy words for colors to make myself sound smarter.

Thankful For Printable @idlehandsawake

Just download the printable below, print it out, and cut along the guide lines. Add one to each place setting at your Thanksgiving table and stick a few pencils or pens in cups for your guests. Bonus points for reading them out loud to each other once you’ve all had a couple glasses of wine.

Thankful For Printable @idlehandsawake

Thankful For Printable @idlehandsawake

Thankful For Printable @idlehandsawake

Click to Download Thankful For Printable

Is reflection part of your Thanksgiving celebration? I would love to hear what you’re thankful for—I need positive reminders this week!

Celebrate gratitude this Thanksgiving with this free Thankful For Printable @idlehandsawake

Celebrate gratitude this Thanksgiving with this free Thankful For Printable @idlehandsawake

Things I’m thankful for:





nature walks

good neighbors

chai tea

the sound of wind in pine trees



P.S. Did you notice I only used ONE copper thing in this shoot?? I’m learning restraint at last!

P.P.S. Check out more Thanksgiving DIYs and inspiration here!

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  1. i am having friends over tomorrow to cleanse ourselves from the election and these were the first thing that popped up on my Pinterest. Thank you for sharing! I am going to incorporate them into some positive “rituals”.

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